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Episode Nine: White Lightning

"Jess; hush up for half a second please!" Lila was on the verge of a meltdown as she seated her son on the tile floor with some of his toys. She felt like she had been chasing squirrels up trees for a month. Spilt milk was still on the kitchen table and she had to be at work in ten minutes.

She put the open aspirin bottle on the bathroom counter and swallowed two. Then she madly searched for her hairbrush and was not amused to find it in a sticky pair of hands.

"Mine Jesse, Iíve told you eighty times," The redhead snatched it from him and then pushed a chunky plastic truck across the floor sending her son scrambling after it.

Lila began blow-drying her hair into something worthy of Dynasty. Everything had become about impressing Sebastian Marques and removing his eyes from Ava. She knew she would be late for work but maybe this once it would be worth it.

She turned off the dryer and reached for her mascara, noticing the aspirin was missing. She looked in the medicine cabinet; it wasnít there. The bottle was in the middle of the room; the pills scattered everywhere.

Lila was on all fours picking them up and glanced at Jesse, appearing angelic like he didnít have a single one of her genes in his scrawny little body.

"Oh god!" The sudden realization made her feel sick to her stomach. She scooped him up and ran to the phone.

"Oh god Bowie, Iím so stupid, I think maybe Jesse swallowed some aspirin, I- I donít know, I donít know what to do, Iím so stupid. Youíve got to help me Bowie!"

Episode Ten: I Shall Believe

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