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Episode Ten: I Shall Believe

Bowieís arms were wrapped around Lila. She was still shivering as she buried her head in his shoulder. He stroked her hair, normally sheíd bark at him for that.

"Iíll do what I can to make this better."

Lila glanced up at him, smiling. "I can always count on you, I donít know why I never see that," and she wiped at the mascara stains on her face. "Iím the most awful person on earth, I mean when he calls me Mama I wince, and god I yell at him so much..."

Bowie was speechless. Itís not like that wasnít the truth and he liked her seeing him as a hero, but man, did he feel guilty, like he was taking advantage.

"Hello, Iím Dr. Marques;" A beautiful graying blond in her fifties approached them. "Jesseís fine, the only bad thing heís swallowed lately is too much sugar, reminds me of my son at that age."

Lila jumped up and down like she had won the lottery. She planted a kiss on Bowie. He had been counting the days since that last happened.

"Great news Lila, we should celebrate like itís a fresh start," he was happy; that sledgehammer hanging over your head kind of happy, he was denying it would drop.

"Sounds fun Bo," Lila answered tapping his nose with her finger, he had already lost, and she was gone. "Did you say Marques? Your sonís name wouldnít be Sebastian by any chance would it?"

Episode Eleven: Eat The Rich

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