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Episode Seven: Everywhere I Turn

Sebastian was in his car rehearsing a way to convince his father that he shouldn’t be in school anymore, he’d be practicing forever, he didn‘t have the guts.

He was scanning the radio for a rock station when out of the briefest corner of his eye he saw something dart across the street. His foot slammed on the brake and his model face bounced off of the steering wheel.

A thin hand was frantically hammering on his window. And, as he rolled it down her momentum almost forced her to slug him until he ducked in the nick of time.

"Thank god- oh its you," Avalon stated, her skin still beat red from panic.

"That’s great, you almost land me in jail for man slaughter- and, hey wait!" Sebastian started the car as Ava began walking away. He crept along beside her.

"What’s that? Popsicles? You nearly got yourself squashed to preserve a box of Popsicles? Well, that’s women’s logic for you I guess." He grinned.

"They’re lime." She answered refusing to look at him.

"Oh, well hey, now that makes perfect sense. You should get in the car before they melt,"

Everything in Ava’s body told her it was a mistake. If she gave Sebastian an inch she’d end up more tangled than anyone could handle. This was important though. A five-minute ride of silence wouldn’t kill her, she hoped.

"You’re not the most pleasant conversationalist;" he joked leaning close to her once he was parked in front of her tiny house.

Avalon gazed at Sebastian with wide brown eyes and let her finger float towards his thick lower lip.

Episode Eight: Wish

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