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Episode Eight: Wish

"You have the most amazing eyes." Bas pulled that gem from his pantheon of lines.

Ava cleared her throat; she could see the thoughts forming at the back of his mind and pulled her hand away from his face. "I think- your lip is bleeding."

Irritation sent Sebastian reeling against the driverís headrest, but as usual he quickly brightened up. "You should take me inside, fix me up, after all, I did save your life."

Ava rapidly advanced to her front door. "Definitely never."

The house was serene as Avalon peeked inside the bedroom. "Good, youíre awake," she said crossing past the bed to open the curtains and let the sun flood in.

"I heard a car, was it Bowie?" The voice asked weakly pulling herself up to a seated position.

The dark haired girl sat at the edge of the bed and handed her patient a Popsicle. It was so strange urging her mother to eat something, role reversals or something. "No, it was another friend, donít worry."

"Where did you meet him?"

"I never said it was a him," Ava replied though her mother knew her too well. "Iíve never really met him; heís just always there."

Her mother smiled. "Youíre so pretty- your skin, you donít even have to sit in the sun. I bet you make him shy."

Avalon laughed. "It isnít possible for him to quiet down for ten seconds Mom."

"I wish you would let someone find you," Mrs. Lubin responded softly.

Episode Nine: White Lightning

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