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Episode Two: Invisible

His bare torso was triple coated in sunshine and bathed in relaxation. Like a bullet he shot up off of the chaise as though it was upholstered with shards of ice.

Sebastian dragged a towel across his wet face not surprised to see his father inches away holding an empty bucket. He wanted them to be frat brothers. He wanted them to be Butch and Sundance, even if they were both Sundance.

"Fantastic news son, I arranged things and freshman year is a go."

"Oh yeah right, fantastic," Bas mumbled hiding his head under the towel.

"Four years Sebastian, four more years and Iíll finally have the great one at my side."

The handsome young man reluctantly crept out of his shroud. "What about Justine?"

"Iím thinking of changing it to Phillip Marques and son, have to talk to graphics though."

Bas promised Justine heíd try and as far as he was concerned he had. There was no sense in both of them being on his bad side; he couldnít get by on nothing the way she could.

"Excuse me sirs," The butler interrupted. "Thereís a young lady from Landon Market to see you Sebastian."

Bas grabbed a shirt and flew into the sitting room. His eagerness made him fumble with the shirt buttons. He looked up and fixed annoyed eyes on her Judd red nouveau Farrah hair.

"Hi, hello, I found this-" Lila said waving a pen in his face.

"Itís not mine." Sebastian replied coldly, he couldnĎt be bothered to hide his displeasure.

Lila persisted. "You should know Iím the fun one, Avalonís a time waster,"


Episode Three: Loneliness Game

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