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Episode Three: Loneliness Game

A virtual ghost town stocked with fresh papayas. There was no need for starchy uniforms or nametags anymore. Avalon decided that the only reason Bowieís parents stayed open late was to keep the three of them employed and out of mischief.

"Ava, why do all the yummy Golden Fleece boys come to your till?" Lila asked, putting the finishing touch on her French manicure.

Avalon pulled her dark hair off of her face, a nervous habit. "I hadnít noticed, but youíre welcome to any of them that interest you Lila,"

Bowie covered his mouth to stifle a laugh but Lila caught him with a dagger stare. "Sheís a perfect waste Bo, he has dollar signs for eyes and she wonít even bat an eyelash,"

"Who are you talking about?" Avalon pursed her lips.

"You see!" Lila turned to Bowie. "Sebastian Marques, the guy comes in here buying week old TV guides just so the Princess can shoot him down. I guess that maybe Iíll have some competition after her moth-"

"Lila!" Bowie shouted as Ava fled to the back of the store.

The redhead didnít dare move her gaze away from her fingernails. She could not look at Bowie. He had such a baby face except for those harsh eyes.

Bowie grabbed her chin in his palm and lifted it to face him. "Sometimes I hate you so much I donít think I can love you anymore."

Lila shoved at his blue v-neck, wanting him to go. She wanted him to close his eyes. "Good! I canít stand people so close to heaven they think they can touch it!"

Episode Four: Fallen Angel

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