Titans Yasmine Bleeth Article #3

Titansí Star Yasmine Bleeth:
Sheís Beautiful, Bitchy and A Major Television Star

(By Joan Tavshis, Complete Woman magazine)

Well, sheís not really a bitch. She just plays on television- and a very good one at that. As Heather on Aaron Spellingís hot nighttime drama Titans, Yasmine gets to do all sorts of nasty things that will inevitably turn her into one of the most we-love-to-hate-her women in primetime. Behind the scenes, though, what is this beautiful woman really like? Find out...

If you think that Yasmine Bleeth simply emerged as a full-grown Baywatch beauty, youíre a bit off. While she did look stunning in that red swimsuit, and the highly popular series did give her career a boost, the raven beauty actually started in the entertainment industry at a much earlier age. In fact, by the time she was six months old, Yasmine had earned the role of a Johnson & Johnson baby for their advertising campaign.

This, of course, was only the beginning. While attending the prestigious United Nations International School, Yasmine had a starring role at age 16 on the daytime series, Ryanís Hope. Without stopping to catch her breath, the beauty went on to appear in movies-of-the-week for ABC and NBC, and then, finally, landed in a red bathing suit on Baywatch. Thatís a lot of career- even before the beach.

And while some starlets disappear after Baywatch, Yasmine was one of the "babes" who turned her fame into a long-lasting career. After being voted one of the People magazineís "50 Most Beautiful" stars, she joined the cast of Nash Bridges as Caitlin, an internal affairs officer who heated up the mini-screen with co-star Don Johnson.

And now. Now thereís the deliciously wicked Heather, Yasmineís latest and possibly greatest role on primetime. Hand-picked by Aaron Spelling to stir up his Dynasty-like drama, Yasmine is breaking out of Titansí love triangles as the pretty girl everyone loves to hate. And the woman behind the camera? Sheís pretty memorable too...

Did you make any big New Yearís resolutions?

I donít believe in making resolutions of any kind. I donít like that kind of pressure on myself. Most people who make them break them anyway, donít you think?

How do you let off steam?

Cook. I love to cook. I bake for friends as often as I can.

Whatís your best dish?

I love to cook anything nouvelle cuisine and I also cook hearty foods like meatloaf.

What did you buy with your first big paycheck?

Iíve been making a good living since I was a child, but all the money went into a trust fund. When I was 18 and got the money, I didnít really go crazy. I bought a lot of expensive shoes. As I matured, material things began to matter less and less. I like to have nice things, donít get me wrong, but they just arenít as important as they once were.

So, youíve really never had to do any grungy work.

Not really. Iíve been very lucky. I baby-sat when I was young because, as I said, all my money was put away for me. So I needed to do something for my allowance. I also waitressed for a while, but that was really just for fun.

Tell us about your first kiss.

It was in a schoolyard. I chased after a boy and had my girlfriends hold him down.

Are you a party girl?

Not anymore. I used to go dancing and be the last one to leave the club. But now I just like to have quiet evenings at home.

Whatís the craziest thing youíve ever gotten away with?

If I told you, I wouldnít be getting away with it! Okay. Hereís one. When I was on a soap, I had a crush on an actor who was about six years older than I was. I had a boyfriend, but I wanted to go to the prom with the actor. So one day when he was nearby, I pretended I was on the phone with my boyfriend and said very loudly, "Okay. So if you donít want to take me to the prom, I guess I canít go." Well, of course the actor heard this and saw how upset I was and asked me if he could take me.

How could a guy go about seducing you?

Well, flowers and candlelight is sort of cliche, but a nice dinner and good conversation would be a way to begin... and we could take it from there.

What feature of a man is most important to you?

A great sense of humor- and being tall, dark and handsome.

What would get a man kicked out of bed?

If he started cutting his toenails, heíd be gone so fast...

Tell us what you think your worst feature is.

My hands, hands down.

Do you have any bad habits?

I bite my nails and Iím terribly impatient. Also, I get angry if someone doesnít understand something Iím explaining which I think should be easy to grasp.

Do you like confrontation?

Yes, I thrive on it.

What about when you meet someone who isnít like that?

Itís very difficult for me. A lot of people arenít like that. But I just charge ahead and confront.

Which sex do you think has it easier in society?

I think each sex has its own set of difficulties. Itís not easy for anyone to have a life without stress.

Have you ever wished you were the opposite sex?

Nope. Iíd like other people to be comfortable enough around me that they would consider me just one of the guys. But if Iím with a bunch of men, I donít want to be just one of the guys, I want to be treated like a lady. But I wouldnít mind slipping into one of their heads when Iím trying to make a point that they just canít get. That would be the only way to understand how they can be so incredibly thick sometimes.

Do you have male friends?

Iím a girlís girl. I hang out with women. I love what they have to offer. I admire feminine qualities, and I enjoy being a woman, and I like having the company of women.

Do you believe in coincidences?

Chance? Yes, absolutely. But I think we bring a lot of our own fate. I think that people who we meet, we meet for reasons. And if thing donít work out for any reason, we can learn from it.

Do you like being in contact with your lover when you are falling asleep?

Yes. I enjoy physical contact with everyone. My whole family is very loving, with lots of hugs and kisses. I like being cuddled. Usually, we end up apart, but to start to fall asleep together, yes.

What do you sleep in?

If itís warm, nothing. If itís cold, pajamas. Nightgowns usually wind up around my neck.

Do you have any special things in your underwear drawer?

I had a boyfriend who loved very expensive lingerie, things that cost $500. He bought a lot for me!

What will you be doing in 2010?

Iím in a happy place right now. Iím working, I have people I love, I have a family. What would I like to be doing? Maybe traveling a bit more.

Outside work and a relationship, what is the one thing that you really hope you can accomplish?

I donít look at my life as goals and accomplishments. I think thatís very vain. I donít look at life as accomplishments because I know thereís no goal that is unattainable to me.

Yasmine Beauty


Sheís got a killer figure, beautiful hair and a set of the most gorgeous peepers weíve seen. How does Yasmine pull it all together? her secrets revealed....

Natural Beauty: "My mom used to teach me little things, like putting olive oil in your hair to moisturize it. And using oatmeal and salt to scrub the body. I remember her teaching me to put Vaseline on eyebrows to keep them shiny."

Mane Moves: "My hair is thick and naturally wavy and it has a lot of body to it," shares Yasmine. "If I donít blow-dry it, it will get really wavy, but it blow-dries straight really easily."

Face Forward: "Iím pretty good about putting on my own makeup. For everyday, I like to keep it sheer. At night, itís a little more dramatic."

Wardrobe Musts: "I have 10 different black turtlenecks and lots of black boots with heels. And the easy fit on an A-line skirt really suits me."

Exercise, Ugh: "I donít enjoy exercise, though I do think itís important to be active and healthy."

Total Image: "I donít like to see women who have overdeveloped muscles or are too thin. Womenís bodies should be nice and firm with curves in all the right places."