Titans: Spoilers

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  1. The November 8 Episode

    Peter gleefully learns Heather hasn't been included in the will yet, so, he offers her a million dollars to get the hell outta town. After Chandler shuns her yet again, she's just about to take the offer when she learns she actually was written into the will and gets an equal share.

  2. Will Gwen ever find out about Heather and Chandler?

    Yes, and it'll prompt the first vicious catfight between Heather and Gwen. Gwen tells Heather she'll destroy her if she doesn't leave town, but Heather gets the final word by telling Gwen she's pregnant with Richard's baby. So, again, she's not going anywhere.

  3. Spoiler

    Peter finds out about Heather and Chandler's affair in Hawaii and discovers a videotape of the two of them together (how convenient!), which he uses to blackmail Heather into handing over her Dress2K business to him. Chandler hears about the blackmail and is so freaked out and disgusted by himself that he runs up to his father's bedroom to confess everything. Before he gets a word out, ol' pops keels over from a heart attack while having sex with Heather.

  4. 'Titan' With a Bum Ticker
    (From PT on the YAZ mailing list)

    Perry King's reign on the new NBC show "Titans" is doomed.

    The "Dynasty"-like drama about backstabbing rich people has its premiere on Wednesday, and while the network previously announced that King would be leaving the show in favor of Jack Wagner, they never quite copped to why.

    Well, here's what I know: King didn't test well with focus groups, so the network execs in their infinite wisdom convinced producers at Spelling Entertainment to get Perry off the series by giving his character a heart attack in the fifth episode. (Wagner would be worked into the program as the younger brother of King's character.)

    An NBC rep would not address Perry's ouster, saying: "As a matter of policy, we don't reveal upcoming plot lines."

  5. Spoilers
    (from Soap Opera Digest)

    Jack Wagner's character gets involved with Gwen (Victoria Principal) & it is no coincidence that he and Chandler (Casper Van Dien) look-a-like.