Almost Human's Predictions

  1. David is not really an alcoholic, he's faking to get with Jenny
  2. Richard will come back from the dead in true soap fashion (he went on a co-oprative mission for the Navy & it had to be a secret)
  3. Heather lost the baby before she fell down the stairs at the motel. That's why she was crying in her bedroom when Peter walked in.

(These are the 10 newest sets of predicitons sent in by fans)

Shelle (OH USA)

  1. Chandler will have a fiancee. Desperate to get him away from heather, the fiancee and her mother will destroy heather in unique ways.

Michelle (Cincinnati, OH USA)

  1. Richard Had an affair with a young woman which resulted in a child, who sues Heather for the estate.
  2. Heather will find out that Richard secretly divorced her (via haley and alison style on melrose place).
  3. Jack will find out that Gwen gave up a child for adoption years before she met richard

Valentina (Argenta, Italy)

  1. Peter & Heather drink too much and end bed together. All'beginnine say that it has been an error,but after they are discovered attracted one from the other and decide of having on secret raletion. Excused for english imperfect!!!!!

Amanda (Milwaukee, WI USA)

  1. Heather and Chandler will get married and they will live in the house together.
  2. Faith and Ethan will get together. And she will sleep with him and get pregnant.
  3. Jack and Gwen will get together.
  4. Jenny will get with David and Laure will get upset and leave town.
  5. Samantha wil realize Peter has been decieving her and she will snap and try to go for Scott.
  6. Heather and Chandler will have another baby and go back to hawaii before the baby is born.

Ciara (Milwaukee, WI USA)

  1. Heather and Chandler will get back together and get married.
  2. Samantha will drop Peter and go for Scott.
  3. Jenny and David will get together an Laure will leave town.
  4. Heather will get pregnant again and this time have the baby.
  5. Gwen and Jack will get together.
  6. Later David will realize he is only causing Jennys family pain and finially go back to Austraila.

Bekah Malone (Ft. Myers, FL USA)

  1. Aaron Spelling will sell the show to FOX (being smarter than NBC)and we will have Titans on for the next 10 years (hey they made 90210 last that long). *crossin fingers*

Darry (Darien, CT USA)

  1. Conservative, predictable Laurie will have a complete personality change when she realizes that all David wanted was to get her in bed, but his deeper feelings go to her kid sis Jenny. Laurie won't be able to take it and will turn violent and scary.
  2. Jack and Gwen will give into passion. Gwen will confess that one of her kids was fathered by him! I think it could be Peter or Jenny.

Mark (Lawrence, MS USA)

Series Finale Predictions "Remember The Titans":
  1. Jenny/Laurie/David: * After her fall into the pool, Jenny is saved by David, and when she considers him her hero and that he should give ehr a chance again, he tells her of his true feelings for Laurie. Jenny goes back on the Alcohol, and Gwen catches her again. Gwen puts her away in rehab. When Jenny is away in rehab, David pops the question to Laurie saying that Jenny is where she belongs and they are where they belong. They decide to marry as soon as possible without telling Jenny. However, when Jenny calls the house and uncle Jack answers the phone he tells her of the news of the wedding. She then cries hystericolly and gets out of rehab speeding down the highway to end the wedding. Jenny is hit by a car when she is not looking and the car explodes.
  2. Chandler/Heather/Gwen/Jack/Samantha/Peter: After the loss of the baby and the dog, Chandler will fall for Heather again. All they will talk about is going back to Hawaaii. Heather and Chandler re-kindle their romance, which makes Gwen mad. When they declare they will be married in a few weeks Gwen decides to put a stop top the wedding, or if it does go through, Chandler will not be fit to bhe her son anymore. Chandler and Heather think things over. During a long dark restless night(((after David and Laurie's Wedding) while everyone is sleeping, they pack their things. They then drive off in a rental car and Chandler pushes a button to explode his car in the driveway. Gewn awakes and screams, knowing that Chandler is dead. When the police search the car they match the bodies. They use cadavals to represent them from the William's wing in the hospital that they stole. Everyone thinks Heather and Chandler are dead, but they are really alive. They re-marry in Hawwaai where they begin their romance. Peter pops the questio! n to Samantha and she accepts as well. Jason is dismissed of his duties when Gwen sells Williams ect.
  3. Faith/Ethan: Ethans condom breaks and faith gets pregnant. The two marry and declare their love for one another.

Richard (Buffalo, NY USA)

  1. Now that Heather has lost her baby, I agree with Nedra that another character on the show will get pregnant...but it won't be Jenny. It'll be Faith! Ethan won't be the youngest Titan for long!
  2. Samantha will soon learn the truth about Peter and his "fake family" and be rid of him for good.
  3. Jack and Gwen will definatly "get it on."
  4. Jenny will eventually get hurt by using so much alcohol.
  5. Laurie and David will end up being together for good.
  6. Heather will continue to persue after Chandler...and, Chandler, being to idiot that he is will fall into her trap and they will be lovers again...it will obviously eventually come out and Gwen will go postal.
  7. Richard will stay dead, and we won't see another death for a while. My money is one Jenny being the next to die...but it will be suiside.
  8. NBC will see the error of their ways and un-cancel Titans and everything you just read will happen.


  1. Since Heather lost her baby, another woman on the show will become pregnant and actually have their baby. My money is on one of the Williams sisters, probably the more interestng one, Jenny, with David being the pop. With the amount of pain he has caused her she won't let him have anything to do with the baby. And then we'll find out that David lost a child years ago and is obsessed with this baby, and he'll pressure Jenny to let him back into her life. She'll say hell no, lie that he's not the father, get a restraining order out on him, and recruit Peter and Uncle Jack to keep David away from her and baby O'Connor. But David willmake inroads with her when the baby gets kidnapped. In a shocking cliffhanger, Laurie will be the kidnapper.

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