Titans Kevin Zegers Poem

Wanna know you...

(By Nela)

Hey Kevin! Who are you?
All I know is that you are a great actor
And that your look fascinates me.
It made me happy when I heard that "Titans" was going to be
shown in my country.
Saw you on a picture on the net, then in a movie, then another movie.
Maybe I say that I'm gonna meet you
But I know the chance is really small.
It's sad and I'm trying not to be sad.
Not to be sad because you are famous and I'm not.
It irritates me so much you're so far away
Cause all I can imagine is that you are a really cool guy!
And that we could become really great friends...
I'm going to become a singer and then I'll maybe ask for you.
Is that all right?
You are so far away and it pains me
And it pains me even more that I don't know you!
I'm so happy for you
It's so cool that you became famous, it's great.
Or is the Fame hard? I must see myself right?

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