Titans Kevin Zegers Poem


(From Dani)

i lay my love on you
thats all i wanna do
every time i breathe i fell brand new
you opened up my heart
show me all your love and walk right through
as i lay my love on you

how am i supposed to leave you
i can't believe what i just gave away no no
and i can't take it back
i'm lost
i don't wanna live my life without you
when you're looking like that

nobody wants to be lonely
nobody wants to cry
my body's lonely without you
so bad it hurts inside
time is precious and its slipping away
and i've been waiting for you all of my life
nobody wants to be lonely

what a girl wants is you kevin
what a girl needs
what ever makes me happy sets you free
and i'm thanking you for keeping me happy.

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