Titans Poem

My Precious Rose

By Anna Valentine (http://www.myrose.url4life.com)

As I was walking, through my Rose Garden today, I happened to look across the way, when suddenly, with shock and despair, I thought what ever can this be, for someone has stolen, one of my precious Roses from me.

Grief stricken and torn, I fell to the ground, I cried and I cried, until I could no longer make a sound. With my last drop of strength, I cried out once again, oh Lord, oh Lord, help me please, for someone has stolen, one of my precious Roses from me.

Then suddenly I heard a voice call out, saying precious Child of mine, you now listen to me. For your precious Rose, has not been stolen from thee.

For I too, was walking through your Garden today, when I spotted your Rose along the way, and the beauty of it, just took my breath away. I took it, and I now have it in safe keeping with me.

Child, I did not mean, to hurt you this way, but you see, it was I who first gave to you the seed. It was I, who trusted you to grow, and nurture this Rose for me.

I know you did your best, to love it and meet all of its needs. You for sure Child, have created one of a kind you for sure have brought forth a rare breed.

Yes Child in love, I first gave this Rose to you, hoping to fulfill a need within you, to be loved, and feel loved such as me.

Now in return Child, this is what you must do. Trust and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your Rose is now safe, happy and free. Knowing and feeling well loved, at the best, that love can be, for the best of all love Child, comes only from me.

Never again Child, will your Rose suffer or cry, never again, will it be left, to wonder and ask why.

Child of mine, your Rose just whispered softly to me, saying Father, please tell all of them down there, that loved, and cared so much for me, how happy I am, and how much, my love for them, will forever be.

Tell them Father, to be patient, as they sorrow and suffer, from the loss of me, that it is just a matter of time, and they to shall be set free, plucked from the Garden, to once again reunite with me.

Tell them Father, of all that dies and withers away, that your love and our love, for one another, is forever here to stay.

So beware my children, from day to day, never knowing, when I the Lord, will come once again, and take another precious Rose away.

Something, that we all so often, and un-intentionally take for granted, day by day, is that we all, will be around here, to forever stay. Amen,

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