Kevin Zegers Poem

Those Sky Blue Eyes

I peeked upon a golden brown,
no sky blue eyes to be found,

but I stumbled on to those blue eyes,
and they locked with mine, to my surprise,

I trembled as a dared to look,
My very breath, of which he took.

Smile full of joyful glee,
Smile, Kevin, Just once for me.

A wide grin hidden behind a stern face,
with arms wide open a home sweet embrace,

Laughter beyond a hearts despare,
when your not here, I can only wish I was there,

when you go to bed at night,
if you think someone's dreaming of you, your right.

Maybe me, someone else, your mom, or dad,
don't cry dear Kevin, don't be sad.

For I'll someday roam by your side,
Once a golden seeker, is now Sky Blue Pride.

Ps. Love yea Kevin. Your biggest fan I shall ever remain!

Angela Johnson

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