Titans: The Movie

If Titans was turned into a feature film who would you cast?

Almost Human's Casting

  1. Ethan Benchley- Jonathan Jackson
  2. Scott Littleton- Tyson Beckford
  3. David O'Connor- Matthew McConaughey
  4. Samantha Sanchez- Jennifer Lopez
  5. Chandler Williams- Tom Cruise
  6. Gwen Williams- Susan Sarandon
  7. Heather Lane Williams- Angelina Jolie
  8. Jack Williams- Tim Robbins
  9. Jenny Williams- Winona Ryder
  10. Laurie Williams- Kate Winslet
  11. John Barrowman- Sean Penn
  12. Richard Williams- Harrison Ford
  13. Faith- Leslie Bibb

These are the newest 10 lists that have been submitted, from newest to oldest

Laura Luther's Casting (Bath, NY USA)

  1. Ethan Benchley- jensen Ackles
  2. Scott Littleton- james marden
  3. David O'Connor- hugh jackman
  4. Samantha Sanchez- jessica Alba
  5. Chandler Williams- nicholas Cage
  6. Gwen Williams- courtney cox
  7. Heather Lane Williams- joan allen
  8. Jack Williams- jack black
  9. Jenny Williams- jessica biels
  10. Laurie Williams- lori petty
  11. Peter Williams- peter mcnicolas
  12. Richard Williams- al pacino
  13. Faith- faith hill

Joonas's Casting (Helsinki, Finland)

  1. Ethan Benchley- Kevin zegers
  2. Scott Littleton- JASON DOLLEY
  3. David O'Connor- BOBBY EDNER
  4. Samantha Sanchez- KELLI GARNER
  5. Chandler Williams- ROB BROWN
  6. Gwen Williams- DEBRA WINGER
  7. Heather Lane Williams- GLENN CLOSE
  8. Jack Williams- KENNETH WALSH
  9. Jenny Williams- LAUREN BACCALL
  10. Laurie Williams- AMANDA SEYFRIED
  11. Peter Williams- RICHARD GERE
  12. Richard Williams- ROBERT DE NIRO
  13. Faith- EMMA ROBERTS

Joonas's Casting (Helsinki, Finland)

  1. Ethan_Benchley- paul dano
  2. Scott Littleton- kevin zegers
  3. David O'Connor- evan mcgregor
  4. Samantha Sanchez- kelli garner
  5. Chandler Williams- jennifer hudson
  6. Gwen Williams- meryl streep
  7. Heather Lane Williams- scarlett johansson
  8. Jack Williams- stellan skarsgard
  9. Jenny Williams- Lindsay lohan
  10. Laurie Williams- alfre woodard
  11. Peter Williams- robert de niro
  12. Richard Williams- richard roundtree
  13. Faith- teresa saldana

Jennifer Moss's Casting (Libertyville, IL USA)

  1. Ethan Benchley- Elijah Wood
  2. Scott Littleton- Billy Boyd
  3. David O'Connor- Orlando Bloom
  4. Samantha Sanchez- Liv Tyler
  5. Chandler Williams- Viggo Mortensen
  6. Gwen Williams- Angelina Jolie
  7. Heather Lane Williams- Alexis Bledel
  8. Jack Williams- Dominic Monaghan
  9. Jenny Williams- Miranda Otto
  10. Laurie Williams- Cate Blanchett
  11. Peter Williams- Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
  12. Richard Williams- Michael Douglas
  13. Faith- Lindsey Lohan

Olga's Casting (Chishinau, MD Moldova)

  1. Ethan Benchley- Elijah Wood
  2. Scott Littleton- Vin Diesel
  3. David O'Connor- Russel Crowe
  4. Samantha Sanchez- Mariah Carey
  5. Chandler Williams- Keanu Reeves
  6. Gwen Williams- Sigourney Weaver
  7. Heather Lane Williams- Halle Berry
  8. Jack Williams- Pierce Brosnan
  9. Jenny Williams- Charlise Theron
  10. Laurie Williams- Claire Forlani
  11. Peter Williams- Ryan Philippe
  12. Richard Williams- George Clooney
  13. Faith- Anna Kournikova

Ana Pivcevic's Casting (Johannesburg, GT South Africa)

  1. David O'Connor- Jansen Ackles
  2. Samantha Sanchez- Alyssa Milano
  3. Jenny Williams- Jessica Alba
  4. Richard Williams- Richard Gere

Rich's Casting (Elmwood Park, NJ USA)

  1. Ethan Benchley- Scott Wolf
  2. Scott Littleton- Will Smith
  3. David O'Connor- Matthew Machonaghy
  4. Samantha Sanchez- Jennifer Lopez
  5. Chandler Williams- James Marsden
  6. Gwen Williams- Leslie Ann Down
  7. Heather Lane Williams- Tiffani Amber Thiessen
  8. Jenny Williams- Sarah Buxton
  9. Laurie Williams- Jennie Garth
  10. Peter Williams- Ryan Phillipe
  11. Richard Williams- Richard Gere
  12. Faith- Alicia Silverstone

Amira's Casting (Paris, France)

  1. Ethan Benchley- Jensen Ackles
  2. Scott Littleton- Dorian Gregory
  3. David O'Connor- Shane West
  4. Samantha Sanchez- Jessica Alba
  5. Chandler Williams- Michael Vartan
  6. Gwen Williams- Catherine Zeta-Jones
  7. Heather Lane Williams- Jaime Bergman
  8. Jack Williams- Warren Beaty
  9. Jenny Williams- Marin Hinckle
  10. Laurie Williams- Majandra Delfino
  11. Peter Williams- Ben Affleck
  12. Richard Williams- Michael Douglas
  13. Faith- Jessica Biel

Brittany Young's Casting (Gardnerville Rd, NV USA)

  1. Ethan Benchley- Scott Bullock
  2. Scott Littleton- Freddie prinze jr.
  3. David O'Connor- matthew lilard
  4. Samantha Sanchez- Britney Spears
  5. Chandler Williams- Brad Pitt
  6. Heather Lane Williams- Jenifer Anistin Pitt
  7. Jenny Williams- Sara Michell Geller
  8. Laurie Williams- Jessica Beals

Kelly's Casting (Ansonia, CT USA)

  1. Ethan Benchley- Jensen Ackles
  2. Scott Littleton- Omar Epps
  3. David O'Connor- Matthew Machonaghy
  4. Samantha Sanchez- Jennifer Lopez
  5. Chandler Williams- Brad Pitt
  6. Gwen Williams- Susan Seradon
  7. Heather Lane Williams- Tiffani Amber Thessian
  8. Jenny Williams- reese witherspoon
  9. Laurie Williams- Jenny Garth
  10. Peter Williams- Tom cruise
  11. Richard Williams- richard gere
  12. Faith- leslie bibb

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1) Ethan Benchley

2) Scott Littleton

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4) Samantha Sanchez

5) Chandler Williams

6) Gwen Williams

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8) Jack Williams

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10) Laurie Williams

11) Peter Williams

12) Richard Williams

13) Faith