Titans Bio:
Kevin Zegers

Titans Character: Ethan Benchley

First Titans Episode: Guess Who's Chumming for Dinner? Birth Date: September 19, 1984

Birth City: St. Marys, ON Canada

Height: 5' 7"

Nickname: Ziggy

Sisters: 2, Katie (an actress) & Krista

Unusual Distinction: Has played a young boy who bleeds from the hands (a "Stigmata") on two occasions ("Shadow Builder" and "The X-Files")

Acting credits: Inlcude guest starring roles on the X-Files, Goosebumps & Road To Avonlea. He has had movie roles such films as Air Bud, MVP: Most Valuable Primate, Treasure Island and Shadow Builder About Ethan: Gwen’s street-smart nephew, Ethan comes to live with his aunt after he leaves his abusive home. He is the cousin of Jenny, Laurie, Chandler, and Peter.

About Kevin: (From NBC.com) At 15, busy Kevin Zegers has been acting for more than half of his life -- he is perhaps best known for his "Air Bud" feature films -- but he's ready to leap from juvenile roles into more mature characters now that he's portraying a troubled teen who lives with his wealthy aunt (Victoria Principal) in the new NBC drama "Titans."

"It's not an awkward transition, and I'm very comfortable moving from child to more challenging young adult roles," says Zegers. He is also beginning to attract a legion of female fans. "What's not to like about that?" he adds. "It's only a problem when people show up at your door!"

Zegers was born in tiny St. Mary's in Ontario, Canada, and now resides with his family in a small town outside of Toronto, where his father is a millwright and his mom is his manager and a homemaker. When he was a child, his parents were encouraged to take their adorable son to talent auditions, and when they finally succumbed he won a role in his first audition at 7, in a television commercial for a mall.

Soon after, Zegers won his first feature-film part playing the younger version of Michael J. Fox' character in "Life with Mikey." However, his work as a boy with a basketball-playing dog in the hit film "Airbud" proved to be his career breakthrough. He also starred in the sequels "Airbud 2: Golden Receiver" and "Airbud 3: World Pup" (the latter to premiere on video in December).

In addition, Zegers will appear in the upcoming films "MVP: Most Valuable Primate" and "Komodo," a thriller starring Jill Hennessy and Billy Burke. He also appeared in the independent film "Four Days," opposite Colm Meaney and William Forsythe.

On television, Zegers recently co-starred in the movie "Timeshare," with Nastassja Kinski and Timothy Dalton. His other TV movies include "A Call to Remember," "Rosehill," "Cold Heart of a Killer," "Silence of Adultery" and "Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story." He recurred in the Canadian series "Traders" and guest-starred in "The X-Files," "So Weird," "Twice in a Lifetime," "Goosebumps," "Avonlea" and "Street Legal." Zegers is still learning about Ethan, his abused alter ego in "Titans." "His mom was killed in a car accident and he has a lot of problems from his past to work out," he says.

Zegers also has his eye on the future, and as an athlete, is strongly considering the challenge of pursuing sports medicine or teaching. A self-described "sports nut," he enjoys playing hockey, golfing, "Seadoo-ing" and cheering on his younger sisters during ice-skating competitions. He played on his high school football and basketball teams before coming to Los Angeles for his series work.