Titans Bio:
Josie Davis

Titans Character: Laurie Williams

First Titans Episode: Pilot

Birth Date: January 16, 1973

Most Notable Role: Williams played bookworm Sara Powell on Charles In Charge, a role she scored when she was 13. But being forever identified as the "smart one" from the comedy had its drawbacks. "I would overhear fans say, 'Look, there's the ugly girl from Charles In Charge,' " she told PEOPLE. "I had a complex for a long time."

Last Seen As: Brian Austin Green's girlfriend Camille Desmond on Beverly Hills: 90210. Williams says in a studio press release that Aaron Spelling's wife Candy noticed her in a commercial and suggested that he cast her in the show. "The funny thing was I had just joined the cast of 90210 -- so, fortunately, Mr. Spelling was able to tell her he already had!"

Golf Handicap: "Oh, I don't play. But maybe Jack Wagner will teach me.

She Drives: A Mercedes

Favorite "Friends": Chandler and Rachel

The Pussycats: "I've got two cats, Daisy & Marlon, after Brando. And I'm hoping for a dog too.

Dislikes: Self-righteous people & dieting

About Laurie: The take-charge daughter of Richard and Gwen, Laurie works at Gwen’s nightclub, Pulse. Like her sister Jenny, Laurie is in love with David. Peter, and Chandler are Laurie's brothers.

About Josie: (From NBC.comJosie Davis, who stars as Laurie Williams, the savvy, Titan-in-training, doesn't think of "Titans" as a primetime soap, but as "more of a sexy family drama."

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Davis grew up in a showbiz family. Her mother is an actress/model, her father is an actor/artist/photographer and her oldest brother was a child actor and star athlete. Davis began her professional career at age 3, made her first national commercial at age 4 and her television series debut at age 13 on "Charles in Charge," as Scott Baio's precocious charge, Sara Powell.

After four seasons on the comedy, Davis took time off to complete her senior year of high school and to attend college. She made numerous guest appearances on television series, including NBC's "Profiler," "Nash Bridges" and "Guys Like Us."

"Titans" marks Davis' second turn in an Aaron Spelling series, as she recently starred on the Fox hit show "Beverly Hills , 90210" as Camille, Brian Austin Green's love interest. She credits Spelling's wife, Candy, with this bit of good fortune. "She noticed me in a commercial and told Aaron that he should cast me in one of his projects," says Davis. "The funny thing was I had just joined the cast of "90210" – so fortunately, Mr. Spelling was able to tell her he already had!"

A serious student of acting, Davis' eight years of formal study culminated in her acceptance into the Actors Studio in 1998. In addition to her love of theater, Davis shares her father's passion for photography. Davis lives in Los Angeles