Titans Article 2:
Ingo Rademacher

'GH's' Jax Wild For New Role on 'Titans'

(Sent to us from Laura)


Ingo Rademacher's plans to take a nice long vacation after he quits "General Hospital" next month have been scotched: He'll star in Aaron Spelling's new nighttime sudser "Titans" this fall.

"I started negotiations and it happened very quickly," reports the actor. "I never even met anybody until I had the job."

Rademacher was prepared to audition, but he wasn't asked.

"I had read for Aaron Spelling for a different pilot, but I never went to network on that show," he says. "The executive producer, Chuck Pratt, was also aware of me from six years ago when I read for him for 'Models, Inc.' That was before 'GH' the first week I was here [in America]."

Indeed, the Aussie heartthrob has done very well in this country and on daytime.

"You're right," he smiles. "I need to have a party. Not just a little one, but a huge one."

Rademacher is also celebrating the fact that his "Titans" character, a nightclub manager, won't be too much of a stretch for him.

"The character's very close to me, which is great," he notes. "He's been all over Europe and Australia. He's very successful at opening clubs and getting them up and running. He's very laid-back. He surfs. He's the voice of reason, which is nice, because there's variety."

Rademacher won't have any trouble memorizing his lines, either, after learning 40 pages of dialogue a day on "GH."

"Soaps are great training if you use it right," he says. "You get to play that emotional arc, which I had never played before. Now I can go there right away."

Rademacher insists he's not sure how "GH" will write him off, but he's hoping Jax' exit on Aug. 28 will involve the character of Brenda, played by Vanessa Marcil, who left in 1998 and went on to play conniving Gina on another Spelling show, "Beverly Hills, 90210."

"We talked about it years ago when she left," he says. "She said when I left, she would love tocome back. I think it would be great. In fact, I've got to give her a call!"