Elizabeth Bogush: Class Actress

Well-traveled Jersey girl Elizabeth Bogush was not going to be just another pretty face even if she did do a little time modeling in exotic lands. Whether it was practicing keeping her toes on point at a tender age or later persistent study in her true professional love of acting, it was evident she would be a creative force. The newlywed lets her romantic spirit shine through in her every pursuit, including bringing a sympathetic bent to her wild child Titans’ alter ego Jenny.

Below is a fun 20 question 'exclusive' interview we did with Elizabeth.

Dog or Cat?
Dog, I have a miniture dashund named Katie

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee. Very strong

Winona Ryder or Angelina Jolie?
Winona Ryder. I've been following her career for years and we are represented by the same PR (Public Relations) firm.

Jane Austen or John Grisham?
Jane Austen. Her writing is intelligent, romantic and a true classic.

Sarah McLachlan or Mariah Carey?
Sarah McLachlan. I love to sit and have a glass of wine and listen to her music.

Breakfast or Dinner?
Breakfast. I enjoy hearty natural cereals.

Tropical Island or Swiss Chalet?
Tropical Island. I love the sound of the waves breaking.

Salt or Pepper?
Pepper. I love spicy food.

West Wing or Sopranos?
Sopranos. Edie Falco is my favorite actress and I think the show is the smartest, most original on TV today.

Mascara or Blush?
Mascara. I'm an eye girl.

Baguette or Bowling Bag?

Dance or Drama?
Drama. Although I'm a a trained dancer, and have danced professionally, I still prefers drama.

Ralph Lauren or Gucci?
Ralph Lauren for day and Gucci for evening, a tie.

Jogging or Cycling?
Neither. Pilates keeps me in shape

Nirvana or U2?
U2. Bono is my favorite singer.

Boots or Sandals?
Boots. All kinds especially crazy colors.

Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp?
Johnny Depp. Hands down

Gold or Silver?

New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day?
Valentine's Day

Intellect or A Sexy Accent?
Intellect. I love people who are well read.

For more on Elizabeth you can read her bio here.

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