Titans Article #22

Remember these `Titans'? Probably not

(By AARON BARNHART - The Kansas City Star)

Stars: Casper Van Dien, Perry King, Victoria Principal, Yasmine Bleeth, John Barrowman, Jack Wagner, Elizabeth Bogush, Josie Davis, Ingo Rademacher, Lourdes Benedicto, Jason George and Kevin Zegers.

In brief: Did someone cancel "90210"? Quick, get this thing on the air!

But is it any good? Obscene displays of wealth, diabolical connivers, tragic victims, all larded over with stupefying dialogue -- yep, must be another Aaron Spelling soap opera.

In this reverse "Brady Bunch," the daughters and sons of the extended Williams clan live apart, though just across the street from each other at their divorced parents' homes. This makes stirring up trouble all that much more convenient for the show's appointed vixen played by Bleeth. Her agenda will be apparent to even the most dimwitted viewer but, remarkably, eludes just about everyone on the show.

Is it a survivor? Nothing would give this TV critic more pleasure than "Titans" getting its lights turned out by Regis Philbin and Bette Midler (who starts Oct. 11).