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TV's New Sexiest Stars

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Meet the hottest vixen since Joan Collins.

Tired of reality TV and game shows? Yearning for a prime-time drama with a femme fatale you love to hate - just like divinely bitchy Joan Collins on Dynasty? Well, your wait is over!

Attitude-oozing vixen Yasmine Bleeth is trading her Nash Bridges badge for glamorous designer duds to play ruthless Heather Portman Williams on NBC's sizzling new series Titans, set to air Wednesdays at 8p.m. "Every sexy actress in TV wanted the role Yasmine nabbed," confides a source. "There really hasn't been an femme fatale-style TV star since Dynasty's glamorous and vengeful Alexis Carrington in the 80's. "And Yaz has all that it takes to melt your TV screen. She's the new Joan Collins!"

Created by TV mega-maestro Aaron Spelling, Titans focuses on the lives, loves, and lustings of the BevHills rich and famous. And it's just one of the new fall shows that feature a bevy of hotblooded beauties. Yasmine stars as the trophy wife of businessman Richard Williams, played by Perry King, who dumped his first wife, played by Victoria Principal. But in true soap opera fashion, Yasmine's character falls for her stepson, Chandler, played by hunky Casper Van Dien of Starship Troopers fame.

"Yasmine's perfect for the role, thanks to her drop-dead gorgeous looks, her feisty nature and her instinct for playing evil," says a source. "She's a veteran of the Baywatch catfights, but the battles in Titans between Yaz and Victoria make Baywatch look as tame as a day at the beach."

Sexy Elizabeth Bogush, who stars as the youngest of the weathy Williams children, and Josie Davis, who plays a nightclub owner, also adds to Titans' appeal. Maybe the show's writers should think about using Yasmine's off-screen life for story lines. She's dated a string of actors including Melrose Place's Grant Show, Beverly Hills 90210's Luke Perry and Young & Restless heartthrob Ricky Paull Goldin. And she made headlines when long-time boyfriend, 21 Jump Street's Richard Grieco, was caught in a love triangle that resulted in another woman getting pregnant.

Yasmine, 32, is no choirgirl either. She admits that her kinky sexual fantasies helped her land the job on Nash Bridges. When Don Johnson read an interview where Yasmine revealed she fantasized about a three-way romp with Elvis Presley and Cindy Crawford, he was sold. "Yes, it actually got me the job," she admits. She's even had real-life sexploits with a guy in the basement of Rockerfeller Center in NYC.

"I was at a social function and went down to the boiler room," the brunette bombshell coos. "It was just one of those moments." Execs are hoping Yasmine's role on Titans will be just as sizzling as she is.

"She'll be able to draw from all that offscreen scandal to make her character even more believable," says a source.

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What would the season's most awaited soap be without a super stud? Casper Van Dien, 31, plays charming Chandler Davis, a fighter pilot who returns to Beverly Hills to run the family aviation business. But that's not all he's involved in. Wednesdays at 8p.m.