Titans Article #7

NBC Trying New Approach Against ABC

NBC is trying a new approach against "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," the game show that's dominating television.

Although "Millionaire" still attracts a huge audience when it airs three times a week -- and often more -- the average age of its viewers has increased from 42 to nearly 51 since it debuted last August, said Garth Ancier, NBC entertainment president.

"The best way to succeed against "Millionaire" is by going for younger-skewing audiences," Ancier said.

NBC said a new Aaron Spelling series, "Titans" can revive the genre of nighttime serials. It centers on a 26-year-old fighter pilot who returns home to find his dad engaged to a former lover.

"It's the kind of total guilty pleasure fans of this genre love," Ancier said.