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Episode 995: Tonight

Ava shut off the blow-dryer and ran the brush once more over her long dark hair feeling much more at ease after a bubble bath and slathering her skin in silky soft moisturizers.

“You were right, a little self-care was just what I needed to calm my nerves,” she said, padding into the kitchen in bare feet and her favorite comfy lilac sweats so well worn there were holes in both knees.

“I overreacted to how few people showed up for book club and the dwindling numbers the past few months. Now that I took a moment to really mull it over in the bath, I’m not as panicked. It really could be just seasonal, the weather has been spectacular lately, maybe people couldn’t pass that up to be cooped up in a store. That’s understandable. And nothing to really worry over, right? They’ll probably come back once the weather shifts. I have some really great books lined up, and while I was in the bath I came up with some marketing and other fun ideas that I think will help increase foot traffic for autumn and into the holidays. I’m sorry I was kind of spinning out when I got home, that was not cool. Thank you for insisting that relaxation would help.” She stood on her toes to kiss the corner of his mouth. “It worked wonders.”

“That’s what husbands are for,” he responded with a smile before getting back to work chopping vegetables for the coleslaw she’d taught him to prepare. Though maybe she hadn’t taught him quite well enough.

“Um, Bas, not to criticize, it’s awesome that you wanted to handle dinner tonight, but don’t you think that’s a bit too much coleslaw for two people. Unless we’re only having coleslaw?” His cooking repertoire wasn’t exactly vast.

“Nope, there’s steak, too. I’m just about to put them on the grill.”

“Bas how are we getting through all that coleslaw before it goes bad. And steaks? Steaks are expensive. I know I just said I’ve calmed down about the store but I still think we need to be budget minded when it comes to food and-”

“And we are, I just thought for this one special occasion it would be a nice gesture to splurge a bit. Plus, with six of us, the coleslaw won’t go to waste, as least not if I’ve followed your instructions properly so it actually tastes good.”

“Wait! Did you say six of us? We’re having company tonight? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Do I need to change clothes? I must, right? The garden party is tonight so Lila’s busy and they’re the only company we’re so casual with that I’d do sweats when they visit. How could you just drop this one me? Who-”

“It’s a surprise, you’ll love it, I promise, and you look great which is good since that’s the doorbell so they must be here.”

Episode 996: Lights Camera Action

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