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Episode 991: I'll Be There

ďAre you sure about this?Ē Justine asked when her daughter walked into the kitchen wearing a marigold sundress. Tansy looked more grown up each day but Justine wasnít sure anyone was grown up enough to deal with Phillip Marques and his mile wide manipulative streak.

ďYou donít have to go to that garden party if you donít want to,Ē she said, ďitís not as if you gave it rave reviews the last time you went. I know you said your grandpaís been okay at work, he hasnít pushed you or anything, but thatís just, itís not my experience with him and so I worry. I donít want you going to this party and having my father pressure you into parading around as his debutante granddaughter to impress people. I donít want him to make you feel like you have to be fake. The real you,Ē Justine ran her hand over her daughterís hair, ďyouíre the best person I know and I donít want anyone including my father making you feel less than that.Ē

ďItís okay, Mom. I know what grandpaís like, I make sure to be suspicious at all times,Ē Tansy said.

Justine cringed a little because what kid should have to be so aware of her fatherís motives, but at the same time she was glad that her daughter was so aware and good at reading people if Tansy insisted on associating with her grandfather.

ďGrandpaís a jerk a lot of the time, I donít want to follow in his footsteps, but I think I can learn some business that might be good for the non-profit stuff I maybe want to do after college. Iím only interested in learning the good things from grandpa, and no way am I letting him show me off. Youíre right, I donít want to go to the party, but Grandpa was going to hire a dog sitter to mind Walter during the party and I was just so afraid that would go wrong. Grandpa and me at work and a little bit grandma at home have been the only ones looking after him and I just, if heís with some stranger Iím worried Walter will act out and if he gets loose at the party or barks too much then what will Grandpa and Grandma do? They donít exactly have a history of tolerance, I mean maybe once they know Walter really well, but this soon? I figure itís better if I look after Walter instead of a stranger, I want to be there for him, help him get so settled in that they wonít ever want him to leave, he likes his new home so much, I can tell. So Iím going to the party, but not really, Iím just wearing this dress in case Walter and I accidentally cross paths with the guests, Iím pretty sure thereís a dress code.Ē

ďAlways, my parents donít believe in informal,Ē Justine said. ďI still canít believe my father got a dog. Maybe I should have been less worried about his influence on you and more pleased that you might have a good influence on him. You just might humanize him yet.Ē

ďSpeaking of humanizing, I donít trust Uncle Sebastian, you and dad are going over there, right? If Walter didnít need me, I would totally be there to make sure someone has Xavierís back.Ē

Episode 992: It's My Party

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