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Episode 983: Strangers

Katherine, her mind preoccupied by thoughts of dinner, a bath, and sleep, walked through the doorway after a lengthy day on her feet at the clinic, fully unprepared for what would greet her when she arrived home.

Perhaps greet wasn’t entirely the correct term for being bowled right off of her feet.

“Agh!” Katherine cried out followed by an “oomph,” when the weight of something pushed down on her chest. Then the licking started and the fact that a dog had bowled her over finally computed. The why and how of it, however, did not compute.

“Sorry about that,” her husband Phillip said. “Are you okay?”

“I’m in shock and deeply, deeply confused, but otherwise...” Katherine sat up as best she could given the giant puffball of a dog still stationed on top of her, nuzzling and licking up a storm.

Phillip stepped around Katherine and the furry, albeit friendly monster. “I’ll just shut the door so he doesn’t run off outside,” he said.

“Wouldn’t want that,” Katherine muttered as she reached out and with some difficulty bodily lifted the big ball of fur.

“Stay,” she ordered, holding up her hand in a stop motion when the dog immediately made to climb right back up on her. Katherine finally scrambled to her feet.

“He listened to you, Kath, that’s great,” Phillip remarked.

“What exactly is going on here?” Katherine asked as the dog sidled up to her, settled into position, snug to her left leg. “Who is this?” She gestured to the dog. “What is he doing in my house?”

“This is Walter,” Phillip said.

The dog gave a small bark as if to acknowledge that Walter was indeed his name.

Katherine fought a smile. Inwardly, she could admit Walter and that bark were kind of cute. Outwardly, she would admit no such thing.

“Tell me this is a neighbor’s dog who got loose and we’re temporarily holding onto him until they can get him. Tell me you didn’t unilaterally decide to get a dog, to take on such a huge responsibility without my input.”

“He needed a home.”

Walter, no dummy apparently, made a little crying noise, tilted his head and gazed up at her with woeful brown eyes.

Katherine patted Walter’s head and frowned at her husband. “What on earth possessed you?” She asked. “Forget who he is. Who are you Phillip? It’s like I’m looking at a stranger. You’ve never mentioned any interest in having a dog. This is absurd. We barely looked after our children and now you’ve saddled this poor dog with us.”

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