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Episode 980: Don't Rush Me

June slid the box across to Enid’s waiting arms. “I know refilling the pamphlet rack isn’t the most glamorous or fun job around here. I usually try to do the boring work myself so my volunteers actually want to keep coming back, but I have paperwork to deal with so I haven’t had a chance to get to the pamphlets and since right this minute you’re between tasks...”

“It’s fine really,” Enid said. “I like organizing stuff so tucking pamphlets into the correct slots is totally in my wheelhouse.” She almost added the fact that nothing around here was as fun without Tansy anyway. But Enid wanted to be over missing Tansy already, admitting out loud wasn’t going to help any and besides, she didn’t want to hurt June’s feelings, have the elderly lady thinking Enid considered her a snore when she actually really liked her company.

“I like helping animals whatever way I can,” Enid said, and it was the truth. “It’s important people have all the information these pamphlets can provide for our pet parents. I want to make sure everyone is going off to a safe forever home.”

“It’s no wonder you are one of my favorite people,” June said with a smile.

“Thanks, the feeling is mutual,” Enid said and carried the box of pamphlets to the corner where the spinning rack sat and she proceeded to drop them into the correct slots, but it was a challenge with her heart dwelling on Tansy. She couldn’t help second guessing how she’d handled things if maybe there had been a way to be honest yet not scare off Tansy. Maybe nothing would have worked though, maybe she and Tansy were never meant to be in each other’s orbits for long.

With that depressing thought echoing in her head it took Enid longer than it should have to hear June at the front desk.

“Enid, dear, perhaps you can finish up with the last few pamphlets later? This gentleman is toying with the idea of becoming a pet parent, but, he doesn’t have specific type of pet in mind. I thought maybe you’d like to give him the grand tour, introduce him to the dogs and cats and everyone in between, see who he hits it off with.”

“Sure.” Eden’s mood brightened considerably, thinking about the mess with Tansy was a definite downer, but connecting an animal with a forever home was just the best. Except her mind zipped right back to Tansy when the prospective pet parent turned to her and she recognized his face.

Episode 981: How Come You’re Not Here

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