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Episode 976: Amnesia

“You’ve been quiet,” Quent noted as he eased the car out of their driveway.

“I didn’t want to get overly loud in front of the kids,” Justine said, tapping a hand on her knee. “So do you want to talk about it now? I’m sorry work was so horrible for you today, wh-”

“Are you sorry?” Justine snapped.

“Is this not about work?” Quent asked. “It’s about me?”

“It happened before work,” she said. “That made it even better. I had to think about it all day while also attempting to do my work so I have a splitting headache which is just the cherry on top of everything.”

Quent pulled the car up alongside the curb and shut off the engine. They had a dinner reservation, but if she was upset with him for something he wanted to hear her out and make her feel better about it sooner rather than later.

“I honestly don’t remember doing anything this morning that would send your day off course,” he said. “Maybe tell me what it is so I can apologize?”

She turned in the passenger seat to face him. “Sebastian asked me to meet him this morning.”

Though he still didn’t understand how that connected to him, he certainly understood the tension in her. Her family and good tidings rarely went hand in hand. He squeezed her shoulder. “Which family member disowned who?”

Quent meant it as a way to get a little laugh out of her, never expecting Justine to say, “the family member just might be your wife disowning her husband.”

“Me? And this is about something your brother said then? About me? I haven’t even talked to him in-”

“He told me your secret.”

“I don’t have a secret, Just.”

She gave him a don’t play dumb with me look.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I really don’t,” he said. What the hell kind of trouble was her brother up to now? And why drag him into it?

Justine pulled out her phone and showed him an old photograph.

Okay. Maybe he did have a secret. He’d actually kind of forgotten about it though, that was how low it rated in his mind at this point.

“Look familiar to you?” his wife asked. “We befriended this guy, we trust him with our kids, our daughter relies on him and at no point did you feel the need to say oh, by the way, that isn’t his name, he’s actually a famously drug addicted musician.”

“I’m no more into music than you are,” Quent argued. “I didn’t know right away.”

“You did eventually know.”

“By the time I knew, I felt like I had a good sense of the guy. I knew he was serious about sobriety, I knew he needed people in his life and to not feel isolated by the fame he really, really didn’t want anymore. I thought about telling you, but you come from a high gloss background, I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to get past his hard times since you didn’t see as much of that growing up, or even as an adult as I have. And like they say, it takes a village, he’s part of our village. He needs our friendship and Tans needs everyone she can get, too. Do you want his past to affect our daughter’s future?”

Episode 977: Oh Brother

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