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Episode 975: Hustle

“I don’t have a lot of time this morning,” Justine announced. She took the coffee Sebastian held out to her and they sat together on the park bench. “I don’t get your urgency to suddenly see me after all this time of you not bothering.”

“You haven’t exactly been knocking down my door either,” Sebastian pointed out. “Maybe if we’d both made the effort to be closer this wouldn’t have happened, we would know what’s going on with each other’s lives.”

“So if we were closer you could have just done whatever this is in a text and I would have had to rearrange my entire day to be here,” she snapped.

He’d have thought her annoyance with him might have made it easier to drop this on her, but it didn’t. They were further apart from each other’s lives than they’d ever been, family just was not something their family had ever done well. He did love his sister though and he didn’t want to cause any trouble for her. But he didn’t want any trouble for his own marriage, either. He figured his marriage was much more vulnerable than Justine’s, she and Quent would be together through anything, they’d proven that, he and Ava, though? Bas wasn’t sure they’d make it for the long haul, not without help. And this was the one thing he could think of that might help, even if it temporarily hurt his sister.

“Would you just tell me what’s going on, why we suddenly have to talk and can’t just schedule a lunch when I have time? I need to get back to work, I have a lot to do today. It’s important to me that I do a good job.” Her eyes softened a little. “Is this about your work? I’m guessing it’s a sucky time to own a bookstore. Is that what you’re after? Some help improving the business? I really am busy right now, but when I get a minute, I could try-”

“That’s really nice of you to offer, but it’s not necessary, and probably not something you would want to do after what I have to say, you know, with the whole shoot the messenger thing.”

“You’re being weird, Bas.” Justine frowned. “You’re barely in my life these days so what could you know about anything to do with me? What message could I possibly want to shoot your over? It’s not like dad would make you co-CEO or something.” His sister grimaced and paled. “He wouldn’t do that, would he?”

“Never. It’s not about Dad. It’s about your husband and a secret he’s been keeping from you. A secret you need to know.” A secret he needed her to know.

Episode 976: Amnesia

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