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Episode 974: Promises Made

“Oh, wow, how nice, a visit from the emotional blackmailer,” Lila sneered when she opened the door to Ava and Sebastian. Her words were kind compared to what she actually wanted to do to Ava. Bowie had insisted she not lose her cool, that it wouldn’t help their case any. Lila had countered that they shouldn’t need to mount their case with a friend, she should automatically be on their side.

“Lila, give her a break,” Sebastian said. “This is personal for her, too.”

“Why should I give her a break? She sure hasn’t given us a break,” Lila said.

Bowie stepped up alongside her and wrapped an arm around her waist. Lila knew, even if he refused to say so out loud, that he felt the same, he felt like Ava was being a terrible excuse for a friend.

“I haven’t emotionally blackmailed you,” Ava said. “I wouldn’t do that. You know that, Bowie. I wouldn’t purposely hurt either one of you or your boys.”

“Um, yeah, you would, you are. You’re threatening to throw this bomb into our family.”

“Only because it’s Xavier’s family, too. I want to help him, not hurt you guys.”

“You help him, you hurt us, they’re the same,” Lila argued. “Do you seriously not see that?”

“Could we just sit down and talk?” Bowie asked with pleading eyes. “You promised we’d talk before you made a final decision.”

“I made my decision on the way over here,” Ava said. “That’s what I’ve been trying to say but Lila keeps berating me and I can’t get enough words in to say-”

“You deserve to be berated and more,” Lila snapped. “You won’t even hear us out on this-”

“Ava, what happened to all that talking we did about you examining all sides of this?” Sebastian asked, the panic apparent to Lila in his voice. If she weren’t so busy feeling bad for her own family, she’d feel more for his situation, too. “I thought, I thought there was still time to talk more before-”

“It’s okay. I’ve decided I won’t say anything.”

Lila flew at Ava with a hug.

“I do still think he should know,” Ava said.

Lila backed up. She crossed her arms. Would this never stop hanging over their heads?

“But I’ve been talking this over with Bas the last few days, specifically, his point that really got me thinking was my experience with my dad and how, while I’m glad to have him in my life now, at the time it wasn’t great to have it just sprung on me. So, as much as I think Xavier deserves to have a family, he should only hear about it from Jesse, and not on my time table or anyone else’s, only when Jesse is ready for the emotion that comes with that. He’s the one at the center of it like I was, it should be on his terms. So I won’t say anything as long as you promise me that if he does at some point decide he wants to know about his bio dad, you will actually give Xavier a chance, you’ll tell him and Jesse the truth.”

Episode 975: Hustle

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