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Episode 970: Win Some Lose Some

Sebastian sat in an armchair, with Bowie and Lila seated on their sofa. He listened to Lila say insult after insult about his wife. He knew he should say something. Bowie attempted to defend Avalon. But her own husband said nothing. He sat there listening, silently agreeing that Ava was a monster who was going to ruin everything.

Avalon, a monster. He hated that he thought that. He hated that he kind of hated her right now. He loved her more than anything. He took a swig from his no longer cold beer.

“Did her royal highness decree a date for when she might have a conversation with us?” Lila asked.

“I don’t know.” Sebastian picked at the label on his beer. “She stopped talking to me pretty early in the day, other than to tell me when we were closing up that she wasn’t going straight home. She didn’t know when she was coming home. I don’t know where she is.” After feeding the cat, after waiting around, he’d gone to see his friends figuring misery might like company.

“What is wrong with her?” Lila demanded. “She paints herself as this perfect-”

“She doesn’t,” Bowie interjected. “And she doesn’t even tell her husband where she’ll be. She said she felt ganged up on, she probably just needs space to think. We’d be smart to give her that space.”

“What if she’s getting that space wherever Xavier lives?” Lila asked.

Sebastian knew his gasp must have been a loud one because Bowie looked right at him and said, “she’s probably at her dad’s. She promised to talk to us first. She keeps her promises, you know that.”

Sebastian nodded. He set the beer down, picked it up again, and put it down. As Sebastian scrubbed a hand over his face, Jesse came home.

“Someone’s in a happy mood,” Lila observed with a nod to Bas and Bowie as if to say, see, this is what Ava wants to do, take this kid who was sick for so long, who’s actually happy and content now, and ruin it.

“Does that smile mean you’ve been hanging out with Caroline tonight?” Bowie asked.

“Dad, it’s fine, we were just studying together.” Jesse’s grin lost some of it’s luster. “Is Nate home yet? I found that comic book he really wanted.”

“I was just about to pick him up from Mark’s,” Bowie announced. “You could come with.”

“Nah, I’ll just go get him myself.” Jesse put on the coat he’s just removed. “Stay here, Dad. It’s good to hang out with friends. I would know. That’s all I was doing tonight.”

“That was nice and pointed,” Bowie said the minute the kid left. “I don’t want to be a nag about it, but Caroline has a boyfriend, I’m just worried it’s all going to blow up on Jesse.”

“He knows you’re just looking out,” Lila said. “He knows you’re just being the good dad that you are. He wouldn’t trade you for anything, especially not that loser.”

“It’s no contest, Bo,” Sebastian agreed. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as confident in his own chances. It seemed entirely possible that Avalon would choose Xavier. That maybe she was with him right now.

Episode 971: Good Life

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