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Episode 954: Let It Snow

It killed him to take the passive route, to not go over to Lucy’s house and tell her to stay away, tell Hope you only have two parents and they’re us. But his wife was vehemently against handling it that way.

They’d sat Hope down and asked her what was going on, did she want a relationship with her birth mother?

She’d said she’d been flipping through her mom’s address book for her school project to write an old-fashioned letter to someone. She’d found her grandmother’s address in Ireland, but along the way to that address, she spied Lucy, and remembered her mom had used the name Lucy for her birth mom.

Hope knew on Halloween they were nearby Lucy’s home and with her dad preoccupied, she’d spur of the moment decided to satisfy her curiosity. That’s all, just to see her, nothing more, she had, and that was that.

Curran wanted to trust in that claim from his daughter, he wanted to enjoy the holidays. They’d spent the day attempting to do just that. It had been as idyllic a family day as one could hope for, drinking hot chocolate at a snowy tree farm while Hope took forever to select her vision of the perfect tree.

Once home, his little girl sang adorably off key to every Christmas tune as they munched on gingerbread cookies and she asked question after question about each ornament they hung on the tree, fascinated by anything older than her.

It had been a perfect day of family that he had cherished, he truly did, but at the same time, as a man of action, he could not stop stewing over his inaction with this matter, he couldn’t help feeling like, by doing nothing, he was practically inviting an ax to drop on their family.

With the tree twinkling away in the corner of the room and bowls of popcorn in hand, the trio settled on the sofa to watch Miracle on 34th Street.

However, they didn’t make it past the opening scene before Michael paused the movie and actually did invite an ax to fall on their family.

“Honey,” Curran’s wife said, rubbing their daughter’s hand. “Christmas can be an emotional time, where you might long to connect with family. If you find yourself curious about Lucy again, if you want to see-”

“She said that was that,” Curran stated, and started the movie.

Episode 955: Once Upon A Time

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