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Episode 952: What You Don't Know

“Hey! It’s been so long!” The look of surprise on Michael’s face fast transformed into a smile before she pulled Lucy into a hug.

She ushered Lucy inside, insisting she take a seat on the sofa as she scurried about fixing a tray of tea and cookies. It made Lucy wonder if she’d blown things out of proportion, if Halloween hadn’t been as big a deal as she’d thought. Wouldn’t Michael and Curran have contacted her? Maybe this visit would be exactly what she needed to put her mind at ease about Hope.

“Have you been well?” Michael asked. “I’m always wondering, thinking of you. I’m always wanting to reach out, check in, but I’m never sure if it would be okay with you.”

“I’ve been happy. I have friends, and my job is going well, I feel like I’m helping the kids, at least to some degree.”

“But you’re worried about something,” Michael noted. “Hope? Have you changed your mind about getting to know her? If you’re worried that my stance on that has changed, it hasn’t. As far as I’m concerned, you’re family. But she’s actually at school right this minute, which is good. I don’t want to just spring this on her. She does know she’s adopted, but I’d like to prepare her for this first. I’m not saying this next thing to hurt you, I just want you to understand the situation, that being adopted hasn’t been a burning curiosity for Hope yet. It doesn’t seem as though she’s given any of this much thought and I want her to give it thought first, to feel emotionally ready. She hasn’t asked many questions.”

“She hasn’t? So Halloween just came out of nowhere for you, too?”


“You know, the way she just showed up on my doorstep like that,” Lucy said. “I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do. I still don’t know what to do.” The baffled expression on Michael’s face registered with Lucy. “You didn’t know.”

“No. Curran didn’t tell me. Neither did Hope.”

Episode 953: Dancing in The Dark

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