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Episode 950: My Girl

Xavier heard the child at the door ask if Lucy was her other mother, and the silence that ensued on Lucy’s end of the conversation.

He sprang from his seat on the sofa and went to her, placing a supportive hand between Lucy’s shoulder blades.

“Are you her?” The girl asked. The black hood of her bumblebee costume concealed her hair, but her little face, he was almost certain there were traces of Lucy in it. He was almost certain this was Lucy’s daughter.

“Hey, there you are, I asked you not to wander off while I took that call, your mom-” The guy in the Spiderman mask seemingly did a double-take when he seemingly recognized Lucy.

Spiderman grabbed a handful of candy from Lucy’s bowl, dropped it into the bumblebee’s sack, and with a brisk thank you, he ushered the girl away.

Lucy turned from the door, leaving it wide open as she managed a couple steps towards the living room before dropping into a cross-legged seat on the floor.

Xavier looked out the open doorway, the child and the man stood a distance apart on the sidewalk, clearly locked in a dispute. The man approached the child, went down on his knees. After a moment the girl walked into his open arms and they went on their way.

Xavier shut the door. “Do you want me to stop them from leaving or-”

Lucy shook her head. He sat on the floor opposite her, rubbing her knees, hoping the gentle contact might gradually draw her out of her shock.

Some minutes later, Lucy said, “she’s so grown up.” She swallowed visibly. “I mean, eight isn’t grown up, it’s just, she’s grown up a lot since the last time I saw her.” Another hard swallow. “Wow.”

“What do you think that was, Luce? He was surprised to see you, but the kid expected to see you. He didn’t bring her here, he didn’t want her here, she came on her own.”

Episode 951: Don't Talk To Strangers

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