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Episode 948: In These Arms

“You are beaming,” Lila, Sebastian’s version of a best man noted, lightly bumping her shoulder into his as they stood beside one another at the altar, awaiting the bride.

“Yep, it’s a happy day,” Sebastian agreed. “I know technically we’re already married, but there’s something about having an audience that makes it feel more official.” More permanent. That’s all he’d wanted for the longest time, for much of his adult life, assurance that he and Avalon would always be together.

This day, this wedding, it gave him a sense of security, especially since it coincided with Bowie letting go of the idea that anyone needed to know Xavier had been in town, had been Jesse’s donor. Of course, Bowie wouldn’t agree that it was completely off the table, but he hadn’t mentioned it for some time now, long enough to feel like the danger had passed. And that, combined in a few minutes time with Avalon publicly pledging to spend forever with him, had him pretty damn happy.

“It’s nice to see that at least one of you isn’t a basketcase, maybe we’ll actually pull this thing off,” Lila said in an off-handed manner, almost as if she’d been talking to herself.

But Sebastian had heard loud and clear and the happy promptly drained out of him. “Avalon’s a basketcase? What does that mean? Are you telling me there’s a chance she won’t walk down this aisle? I-” He felt faint.

“No, no, no, relax, I shouldn’t have said anything, it’s nothing, just jitters, totally normal and harmless, and besides, you’re already married so it’s not like ditching this ceremony would-”

“Are you trying to make me have a heart attack or something? You think she’s going to ditch the ceremony?” His knees actually dipped and Lila steadied him.

“She’s not ditching,” Lila said. “I just say dumb things. I’m a terrible best man. Don’t listen to me, oh, look, see, there she is, right on cue.”

“She doesn’t exactly look happy about it,” Sebastian mumbled.

“Everything okay?” Calvin asked as they stood at the end of the aisle, preparing to march.

“Uh-huh.” Ava didn’t feel okay. It didn’t feel right to do something happy for herself when she withheld information from Xavier that might increase his happiness. But, when Ava lifted her gaze, when she saw Sebastian waiting, watching her, looking pained and concerned, she realized she wasn’t being fair to him either, and her husband’s happiness had to matter more than Xavier’s, it had to.

She focused all of her thoughts on Sebastian, on the good times ahead, the way he looked at her and made her feel inside, the comfort of his arms around her. A genuine smile lit her face, spreading all the way up the aisle to her grooms relieved expression.

Episode 949: Changes

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