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Episode 943: Secrets

Ava quickly closed the laptop the moment Sebastian neared her post behind the bookshop’s counter.

A stricken look touched his expression, and immediately, Ava felt guilty even though technically she had nothing to feel guilty over, she’d done nothing wrong.

“Keeping secrets?” Sebastian asked. He tried to be jovial, but the pained delivery gave him away.

“Hey,” Ava softly said, her fingers stroking his arm. “This isn’t about Xavier, is it? Jesse is healthy now, there won’t be any tracking Xavier down for help. And given how he hasn’t wanted to be found, I doubt he’s ever coming back on his own.”

“Right. I know.” Sebastian didn’t exactly sound convinced.

Avalon had mixed feelings when it came to Xavier not knowing about Jesse, but there was something she was sure she could firmly state, “even if he showed up tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter. I’m with you, I love you, you’re my husband, nothing will change that, especially not someone from practically another lifetime.”

Ava kissed him and he kissed her back and Ava thought the rough patch had passed, they could talk about the day, the bookstore-

“So why did you shut the laptop so fast?” Sebastian asked.

“We’re not letting that go? It was my wedding dress and you’re not supposed to see-” She stopped herself. “No, that’s not entirely true, I was just looking again at this dress Lila and I saw at a shop downtown, it was way over my budget which is fine because I love the dress I bought.”

“So buy both if you love them both, it’s supposed to be a special day, splurge just this once. Wear one for the ceremony and one for the reception, that’s a thing people do now, right? It’s our wedding, it should be everything you want.”

“That would bring me to owning four wedding dresses, five if you count the one for he who should not be named, no one should own five wedding dresses, that’s insane. We are not rich, I don’t need to be overflowing with dresses for one wedding. It’s a pretty dress, I indulged by admiring it, that’s as far as I need to go with it. Everything I want is to be married to you. I have that. There are more important things to spend money on than another dress.”

“Like raising kids?”

“Um, yeah, eventually.”

Episode 944: No Regrets

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