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Episode 942: Together Again

“You’re here? For real? Or just visiting someone?” Caroline asked when she and Jesse spotted one another crossing the quad.

“Yeah, I was actually just about to text you. I would have let you know sooner that this was happening but until this afternoon I wasn’t really sure if it would work out. With my late registration and figuring out the financial part of it, it wasn’t until ten minutes ago that going to school here has become official.”

“So do you have a major in mind or anything?”

“Definitely not. That’s what I told my dad. This might be the way for me to figure stuff out.” Or at least that was the answer he’d come up with when his dad had asked if his sudden interest in education was actually about getting an education or the possibility of seeing more of Caroline. His dad had been right, of course, and Jesse knew it was a dumb reason to go to college so he was determined that it not be his only reason, this was his second chance at life after all, it should be about more than just a girl, especially a girl already taken.

“I’m glad you’re here,” he admitted. “Diving in a bit late like this is pretty overwhelming. I was hoping you could show me the ropes, help me find books and classes and whatever else I need to do, just in general keep me from feeling like I’m in over my head.”

“I haven’t been here all that much longer than you, I’m not really out of the in over my head phase myself.” Caroline adjusted the backpack hanging from her left shoulder. “Right before I saw you, I was in a panic, everyone walking around here seems to be certain of where they’re going while I keep getting all turned around. The class I’m supposed to be headed to right now, every time it’s like I’ve only gotten there by accident. So, I don’t know how much help I’ll be to you.”

“Well, two of us in over our heads has to be better than one, right? We could be in this together, if you want.” The only way they were together, Jesse reminded himself as he leaned in close to Caroline to get a look at her schedule and a map on her phone and try to work together to make sense of it.

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