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Episode 940: Settle Down

“Oh, right, sorry, did I say Ava’s mom? I misspoke, I meant her dad, of course I meant her dad,” Lila said.

“You’ve been working with her father on the wedding plans?” Katherine shook her head. “You’re making no sense, first you say her dead mother is planning the wedding, now it’s her father planning it with you. I know him and I can’t imagine him choosing flowers or any such thing. Not to mention Sebastian led me to believe that like all other matters, they did not want any parents involved. Any. Was that not right?”

“I’m just, my head is so in this moment that I’m getting other things mixed up,” Lila claimed. “No parents are helping, you weren’t left out. I meant with her dad being involved, attending, not planning, he’s a big deal name with a lot of connections like you and Mr. Marques, so I figure having all of you at my events could generate positive word of mouth, that’s all.”

Later, with the garden party in full swing, Katherine knew she wasn’t at her hostess best, especially when Phillip pulled her slightly off to the side.

“Is everything alright? You seem distracted.”

“Lila did something fishy.”

“Everything about that girl is fishy, I haven’t trusted her since she first tried to move in on Sebastian years ago,” Phillip said. “What is she plotting now? Being a plotter myself, I know one when I see one. I told you not to hire-”

“She’s not plotting against me, we’re on good terms, I trust that,” Katherine said. “But I do think something is going on with Avalon, which whether he is aware of it or not, means there’s something going on with Sebastian, he has always been too hung up on her for his own good.”

Katherine filled her husband in on what Lila had said and the way she backpedaled. “Maybe it’s true, maybe she misspoke, but I don’t think so. Either Ava’s mother is not who she said and she has some other mother alive that she for some nefarious reason is not making public or Ava has roped her father into the wedding plans after insisting to Sebastian that they be independent of their parents in every way.”

“The alive mother sounds far-fetched,” Phillip said.

“I swear to you Lila said mom, it’s a strange mistake to make, no?”

“True, so maybe you’re on to something, maybe she was flustered because she and Ava have secretly included Cal in the wedding while shutting us out.”

“But it doesn’t seem like Ava’s style to be such a hypocrite, to insist Sebastian be independent while hiding that she is not independent from her father,” Katherine said, trying to puzzle it all through.

“But she still harbors some hostility towards me because of that expose on her ex boyfriend,” Phillip pointed out. “And she is human, is it beyond the realm of possibility that her insistence on independence was more about pushing me out of their lives, about putting a divide between Sebastian and us, meanwhile behind our son’s back she’s closer than ever to her own father.”

“That doesn’t sound right,” Katherine said, meaning it didn’t sound like Ava.

“No, it doesn’t sound right,” Phillip said, meaning something else and that worried Katherine.

Episode 941: What Made You Say That?

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