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Episode 939: Dangerous Woman

Lila finished giving the florists very specific instructions as to where to place the arrangements to ensure the backyard looked even more lush and majestic than it already did.

Lila was determined to receive across the board raves for this garden party, between that and the upcoming wedding, she hoped they would be the one-two punch she needed to finally take her fledgling party planning business to another level.

With things calmed down at home, she was more than ready to concentrate on establishing her career. She ticked a few boxes on her checklist and turned to take care of the next item when she came face to face with Katherine Marques.

“Everything is under control,” Lila said. “I haven’t done anything wrong. I could not be more focused this time, making sure everything runs smoothly is the only thing on my mind, so whatever threat or warning you were about to throw at me isn’t necessary.”

Katherine nodded. “I trust that I’ll be pleased with your work today.”

Lila raised an eyebrow at that.

“I wouldn’t have hired you for the job if I didn’t believe you were capable.”

“And if you didn’t still feel guilty over things.”

“You don’t mince words,” Katherine said. “In my circles, frankness isn’t very prevalent. I find I like it. I like you.”

“Seriously? That makes no sense, you pretty much hated me before and I’m not cultured, I’m not-”

“Yes, but, as I’ve come to know you, particularly through your son’s illness, I’ve come to admire your persistence, the way you dust off and keep charging forward. It occurred to me this morning that I didn’t just want this event to go well for me, I wanted it to go well for you, too, I find I’m rooting for you, like a bonus daughter or something.”

For a moment Lila only gaped, surprised but also pleased, it had been an eternity since she’d been anyone’s daughter, that someone might care for her even a little that way… Thank you, it means more than you know to hear that, even from someone who made life kind of miserable for me for a while there.”

Katherine smiled. “Sometimes I manage to be nice, I keep trying anyway.”

“That’s like my life philosophy at this point,” Lila said. “I guess we have that in common.”

“And ambition,” Katherine pointed out. “How’s business going?”

“Well, right now I have this party, plus Sebastian and Ava’s wedding. I don’t have anything booked beyond that but I’m hoping word of mouth from today and from working alongside someone as known as Ava’s mom will kick down some doors.”

“Ava’s mom? I think you misspoke, it must be the stress of the day, she died, you know. And wasn’t she a maid? That isn’t exactly a high-profile position.”

Episode 940: Settle Down

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