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Episode 935: You've Got A Friend

Bowie lifted the cooler from his truck. He stopped first at the girls, and then his other crew member to deliver the lunches they’d brought from home and he’d stored for them along with their drinks.

Lastly, he approached his son and gestured for him to stop the lawnmower. “Lunch break,” Bowie announced.

“Cool, I’m starved and thirsty,” Jesse replied.

“You need to stop for more water breaks,” Bowie said. “I tell that to everyone. No matter how young or fit you are, it’s easy to overheat with work like this.” Jesse was still a bit sensitive about anyone treating him like he was fragile, so Bowie wanted to make clear the water rule applied to all. “Everyone needs to be careful. I was just telling Bob the same thing.”

“I’ll do better about it,” Jesse said.

“Good, so I have another job site I need to check on, I wondered if you wanted to come along on your break, eat lunch in the air-conditioned comfort of the truck.”

“Um.” Jesse scratched his head. His gaze momentarily bypassed his father to land on another section of the expansive yard. It wasn’t difficult to guess what he was looking at and why. “I should probably stay like everyone else, not take special treatment just because I’m the boss’s son.”

“No one has to stay here for lunch if they don’t want to,” Bowie pointed out. “They’re aware of that, plus Bob and Caroline know you, they wouldn’t say anything about nepotism. So, is there maybe some other reason you’d rather stay?”

“I thought I’d eat lunch with Caroline, you know, help her out with her sister.”

Bowie glanced over. The two girls seemed content on their own, seated cross-legged on a blanket opposite one another, Caroline sipping from a bottle of lemonade and the little one munching on carrot sticks.

“I hired Caroline because she’s a friend of yours,” Bowie said to his son. “You need to remember that she is just your friend now. She’s someone else’s girlfriend.”

Jesse looked at the ground. “I know. I know that.”

“And I know you wouldn’t purposely set out to hurt anyone, you’re a good kid. But when these kind of feelings are involved, sometimes right and wrong get confused. So, just, look before you leap, okay? I get you still want to be around her, but if you want my advice, anytime you’re going to spend time with her, stop and think first, be in a smart, kind headspace, If you’re in the mood to flirt that is not the time to be around her. Okay?”

Jesse nodded. “Maybe today I’ll go with you for lunch.”

Bowie clapped him on the shoulder. Father and son walked together to Bowie’s truck.

“You’re actually pretty great at this dad thing,” Jesse said.

Episode 936: Getting To Know You

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