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Episode 932: It's Too Late

“Here’s the invite,” Lila said with a sigh, passing the envelope to Bowie.

Bowie hadn’t yet seen the pretty white and lavender design she and Ava had decided on together. Bowie probably didn’t care about the design. Lila, however, had been so excited about it and everything else to do with the wedding plans for her friends, but her excitement had dulled considerably.

“Don’t be surprised if that invitation gets rescinded,” she said.

“What? Why?” Bowie asked with obvious alarm. “They’re already married, why would they call off the wedding? Is Ava breaking up with him? Did she find out that he’s um, keeping something from her?”

“Bas is reformed now,” Lila said. “He doesn’t do dumb self-destructive stuff anymore. Unlike me. I’m saying our specific invitation might be rescinded. Ava just found out that I invited someone who she might not want at the wedding.”

“You’re looking happy,” Rodney noted when his wife, Sarette, stepped out onto the patio, joining him for an after dinner cup of coffee.

She handed him an envelope.

“Another wedding invitation? It feels like we have one set for every weekend, and didn’t you already go to this one? Why would you be excited for a do-over?”

“Oh, um, well, that one didn’t happen, and so it’s intriguing to get a formal invite to see if they pull it off this time. And, I’m fairly certain you would enjoy watching Phillip Marques squirm over whether or not his family will ignite more unflattering rumors.”

“That does hold a great deal of appeal,” Rodney applied. “Unfortunately, I have a business trip, then.”

“I’ll have Paul join me again, he might regret it someday if he misses out, I mean, because of the potential for scandal, it could be the most talked about event of the season.

He took a seat on the front steps beside Tansy. Each of them peeled the wrapper off a fudgesicle as the day gave way to night.

“So,” he asked. “Was there a reason you wanted me to come to dinner tonight? Do you want to talk?”

“Are you in love with Lucy?”

“We’re friends.”

“How come you’re not more yet? You like her and she likes you.”

He considered lying, but the kid would never open up if he didn’t open up to her. “Scared to take a chance I guess. A good friend is valuable.” He bumped Tansy’s shoulder with his. She smiled. “And anyways, Lucy had a big loss, it’s hard to invest after that and as much as we like each other, maybe part of her still likes someone else, too. Maybe a part of me still likes someone else, too.”

Tansy nodded. “We all got wedding invites today.” She reached beside her and handed it to him. “They gave me my own, I guess to let me feel more grown up or something. Anyways, I thought you should see it so you know it’s really real. So you could use it as like motivation, to fire you up. So, maybe, if this time you want to do more than stand there and watch it happen, instead you could talk to her tomorrow or at least someday soon before you lose the chance. I know he’s my uncle and this seems bad and mean telling you to talk to her behind his back, but this is for him, too. He shouldn’t marry her if she likes you more, you’ll all just end up miserable and lonely feeling. When you find someone you really like who really likes you back you should do everything to hold on to them.”

“Are you speaking from experience, Tans?”

Episode 933: She's Not You

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