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Episode 930: Drive My Car

Caroline sent a confused glance across the dance floor at Jesse, who like her, had a phone pressed to his ear. She pressed a palm to her other ear, presumably to cut down the noise of the pop music.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you,” Caroline said. She frowned at the response from the person on the phone.

“What is it?” Charlie asked, placing a hand on Caroline’s soft bare shoulder. She shook her head at him. Charlie noted that Jesse was still on his phone, too. Were they talking to each other? Charlie actually did like Jesse, just not in the moments when Jesse decided that Caroline’s heart was fair game.

“Okay,” Caroline said. “Well, I’ll be there soon then, thanks for calling.”

Shaking her head after she ended the call, Caroline leaned into Charlie and said, “I’m sorry, I have to go.”

“Where?” Charlie asked. He spied Jesse no longer on his phone, instead watching them. “Why would you leave prom? It’s our first date in-”

“I don’t want to, but I asked the birthday party mom to call if Abby needed me, and she does. She’s been crying and saying she wants to go home.”

“Can’t your parents-”

“When was the last time I mentioned them doing anything helpful? They are, like, the least comforting thing for Abby right now.”

“What about Samantha? You said she’s home from college.”

“Abby wants me. I’m basically her human security blanket. No one else will do.”

Charlie didn’t want to feel suspicious, but they’d both been on their phones. What if she was just using Abby as an excuse to ditch him and sneak off with her ex. “I’ll come with, I drove you here, so you’d have to wait for a ride and I don’t want to be at your prom without you. Besides, then we don’t have to cut the night so short. Let me take you and Abby for ice cream or milkshakes or whatever she wants.”

“Yeah? Oh. Thank you.” She hugged him. “Abby will like that. Me, too.”

Relieved that she hadn’t wanted to ditch him after all, Charlie clasped hands with Caroline and they hurried out to the parking lot. They’d reached Charlie’s car, he’d just pulled the passenger door open for Caroline when Jesse reached them.

“What’s going on? Is something wrong?” Jesse asked.

While Caroline explained about Abby, Charlie climbed into the driver’s seat, eager to leave. The engine refused to start. It happened sometimes. His car was a clunker. He’d never hated it more than right that minute.

“I’ve called a car for you,” Jesse announced to Caroline. “And I’ll go with you since Charlie has to stay with his car.”

“My car is going to pick up Abby.” His car failed to start again. “If not, Caroline can go by herself. Don’t you have a date Jesse?”

“She’ll understand. I mean, there’s all those stories about passengers being attacked by drive-”

“Got it!” Charlie slapped a hand to the steering wheel in celebration as the car finally rumbled to life.

“I have to go to Abby,” Caroline said to Jesse. “Thanks for trying to help.”

She gave Jesse a quick hug and Charlie looked away.

“Text me? So I know everything’s okay with your sister?”


Charlie looked back just in time to see them hug again.

Episode 931: We Want The Same Thing

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