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Episode 927: Yesterday's Song

“Buying a prom dress?” Caroline joked, when to her surprise, she spotted Jesse near the junior girls section of the department store. She figured he was wandering around, waiting while his mom shopped.

“Actually, I kind of am,” Jesse said.

“Huh?” Caroline asked, thinking maybe she’d missed some part of the conversation, maybe without realizing it, she’d gotten caught up in staring at him as she’d done a number of times recently. Just like on those other occasions she told herself it was the change in him, the opportunity to marvel at his good health, his bright eyes and the color returned to his cheeks. That’s what drew her attention to him, and that’s all.

She had a boyfriend. She cared about Charlie and she was not the sort of person who would knowingly hurt someone she cared about.

“I’m not buying a prom dress,” Jesse explained. “I’m here with someone who’s buying a prom dress. She wanted a second opinion.”

Caroline’s brow furrowed. “She wanted your opinion on a dress? You have an opinion on fashion?”

“No, not really, I told her so, too. But her friends already got their dresses and they’re busy with other things and I waited so late to ask her, so she made me feel like I had to come shopping with her since she has no one else willing to-”

“What do you think?” Mary Jane Wellesley popped out of a dressing room and twirled in a glittery white dress.

“It’s nice,” Jesse said with little enthusiasm.

“Ugh! That’s what you said about the red one.”

“Well, they are nice.”

“Nice isn’t helpful.”

“I told you I wouldn’t be very helpful.”

“You will be. One of these times I’ll walk out of the dressing room and you’ll look dazzled and I’ll know it’s the one.” Mary Jane pressed a kiss so close to his lips. So close.

Caroline looked elsewhere.

“I have five more to try,” M.J. said. “You will love one of them. You really will. Oh, hi, Caroline. Are you shopping for prom, too?”


“Isn’t it awesome?” Mary Jane held up a hand for a high five that Caroline reluctantly participated in.

After Mary Jane once more disappeared into the dressing room, Jesse said, “so you’re buying a prom dress, too?”


“Going with Charlie?”

“Of course.”

Jesse nodded. He looked elsewhere.

“I didn’t think you were really a school dance sort of person,” Caroline said.

He shrugged. “I didn’t get out much while I was sick. Now that I’m okay, I guess I just feel like doing stuff.”

“Like going to prom with Mary Jane.”

“Like going to prom.” Jesse lowered his voice though the dressing room was far enough away that he was unlikely to be overheard. “M.J. wasn’t my first choice for prom.”

Episode 928: Sisters

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