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Episode 926: Good Old Days

“How are things?” Xavier sat down across the kitchen table from Tansy.

“Fine, or they will be if you can help me figure out how to do this thing for my art class. My first try went so wrong.”

“Art was the one class I really liked,” he said. “I can help you get a handle on this, no problem.”

“One less worry on your plate then, Tans, that’s good.” Justine, Tansy’s mom, pressed a kiss to her daughter’s head. “I promised Hero I’d take him to the park, do you need us to pick up any supplies for your art project?”

“I think we have everything.” Tansy looked to Xavier for confirmation. There was a time back in the good old days when she was more sure-footed than that, more confident, when she trusted herself to have the answers.

Maybe that was a bit extreme of an analysis over an art project, but still, she wasn’t the same kid she used to be, and he wished he could change that for her, help her go back.

“We’ve got this, I promise,” he told her.

“Okay,” Justine said. “Well, your dad is in the other room fixing the water heater, and I’m just a call away if you do need anything else. Don’t think you need to call your grandpa, he’s not the answer to everything or anything really.”

Tansy nodded and frowned as her mom walked out of the kitchen.

“Your mom and dad are still worried about you working for your grandpa, huh?”

“I guess.”

“Do you like it there? Suits and big money doesn’t really seem like you.”

“It’s good to try new things.”

“Yeah, but your parents really don’t like this.”

Tansy bent over and dug through a bag of art supplies beside her chair. She was down there a suspiciously long time, as if avoiding something. “It only matters if I like it, they don’t work there.”

“Do you like it? Tans? Do you like it as much as you like-”

“I need to get my project done. If all you’re going to do is talk instead of help maybe you should leave.”

“I’m staying. I’m helping.” At least he wanted to help. He had to convince Tansy to let him. Lucy told him to be patient, but it wasn’t easy when you saw the kid struggling, needing to talk and not talking.

He grabbed the newspaper to spread out so the table wouldn’t be damaged by the paint or glue or anything else they might use for her project. Maybe helping her with this art piece would lead her to let down her guard with him like she used to do, he could always hope for her sake.

“What’s wrong?” Tansy asked with genuine concern, undoubtedly worried by his gaping mouth and paling skin.

“Nothing. Just something in the newspaper.”



“You expect me to spill my guts, but you aren’t spilling any of yours.”

She had a good point. “It’s a wedding announcement.”

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