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Episode 924: Don't Let Me Down

“I have a busy schedule, it isn’t considerate to drop by my office unannounced,” Phillip said and he wasn’t entirely sure why he’d said it and in that tone, too. Self-preservation, he supposed, he’d been in the business world so long that even in actual life he held his cards close. Happy to see his eldest yet reluctant to tell her so, certainly not while her expression said she wasn’t thrilled to see him.

“We’re family,” the neanderthal husband stated as he and Justine helped themselves to seats opposite Phillip. “Your daughter shouldn’t have to make an appointment to talk to you.”

“This is a place of business, you could have visited the house-”

“This is business,” Justine said. “It’s about hiring our daughter without consulting us first.”

“Ah, that’s what brought you here.” Phillip had suspected as much. The prospect of a conversation with his daughter, however hostile, had certainly played a part in hiring Tansy, though it was far from his sole motivation.

“Didn’t you think you should check with us before you gave our daughter a job?” Justine asked.

“She’s her own person,” Phillip replied.

“She’s my child,” Justine said.

“And she’s every bit as driven as you were at her age. She came to me wanting to work here, wanting to learn, she seemed excited about the idea, why would I crush her spirits?”

“Isn’t that your specialty?” the husband asked.

Justine patted his hand. They shared a look.

It annoyed Phillip, his daughter teaming up against him. He’d done nothing wrong. “I’m not the one who crushed Justine’s spirit by taking her away from the lifestyle she-”

Justine said. “Going to a lower income bracket is a lot less crushing than a lack of support from-”

This time the husband covered Justine’s hand. She nodded. “I didn’t come here to argue over the past, I’m here for Tansy’s future. You need to tell her there’s been a mistake, that you don’t have a job for her here after all.”

“I will not be the bad guy.”

“A little late for that,” Justine and the husband said simultaneously.

“Just because you choose to see me that way,” Phillip said, “it doesn’t mean she does. She thinks enough of me that she came to me when she was upset.”

“Tansy told you she was upset? She told you why?” Justine asked. Justine and the husband again exchanged looks, this time worried looks.

It worried Phillip. But he would not violate Tansy’s privacy by pretending to know more than he did so that her parents might accidentally reveal something to him. “She didn’t really tell me anything, it was just apparent that something troubled her and the one way she permitted me to help her is with a job and I will not let her down.”

Episode 925: Standing With You

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