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Episode 922: Love Did

“Justine,” Michael said in a playful, sing-songy way, though deep down she was concerned. Justine took work seriously, she wasn’t the daydreaming type, it was so unlikely her to have her thoughts repeatedly drift during a meeting.

It mattered to Michael whether or not her company ran smoothly, but more than that it mattered to her that someone she considered a friend appeared to be in distress.

“I’m sorry,” Justine said, blushing at being caught out. “My focus isn’t quite where it needs to be this morning, but I’ll get it together now, I promise. What were you saying about the Devereux account?”

“That it can wait. Business can wait. A few minutes won’t make a difference. What’s going with you? Can I help?”

Justine waved off the inquiry as if she didn’t have a care in the world. She flipped through the folder on her lap. She looked up and she said, “the only one who can help is my father and I don’t remember the last time he did anything that I would consider helpful.”

“I imagine your dad is probably at least a little like my husband, so successful in business at the expense of his interpersonal skills. Sometimes he’s just plain oblivious to what I’m thinking. Whatever the issue with your father is, is it possible he’s not clued in to your side? Have you talked?”

“That’s my plan at lunch today. But my dad, there isn’t a good history of talking him out of anything. Once his mind is made up, it’s made up. In this case, Tansy’s supposed to work for him after school. I want him to tell her it’s okay to back out of it, to promise he won’t guilt her into it.”

“And you don’t want her taking the job because you’re afraid of the influence he’ll have on her, maybe he’ll be somewhat... corrupting.”

“Yeah, among other things.”

“You know, Curran hasn’t always been the most above board person either, work life balance and right from wrong, those have been challenging for him. I was concerned about that with our daughter, but so far… If you can’t get your father to back off, maybe it won’t be the worse case scenario that you’re imagining, maybe his love for his granddaughter will rise above all that other stuff, maybe Tansy will have more of an influence on him than he has on her.”

Episode 923: Daddy Lessons

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