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Episode 92: Can't Take Me Home

They heard the creak of the door just in time for Bas to promptly let go of Ava, so promptly that she had to steady herself by setting down her hand which landed in moist soil. Sorry, he mouthed to her and he received a scowl in return.

"I knew you’d be with her," It was Adria, only Adria, and Sebastian immediately relaxed his way over to Avalon’s side once again. She put her hand on his shoulder and gave him a shove so that he landed in something resembling a cactus.

He made a point of straightening his collar, frowned at Ava, jutted out his lower lip, and stubbornly made his way back to her. "Is there a reason you’re still in the way here, Ad?"

"Unlike you I thought I’d be nice and come warn you that Daddy’s sending out the hounds to find you, but that’s fine, all the more inheritance for me," she stated and slammed the door.

Sebastian rested his hand on Avalon’s back and played with the ends of her long, thick hair. "Next time I toss you across the room I promise I’ll be more careful, it might not be a bed of feathers but it won’t be in a sewer. I really wouldn’t want to be near you if you smelt like that anyway," he laughed and pulled her around so that they were facing, his hands lowered to her hips.

"You do that," she said glumly her hand nearly clean now from the benefit of an old rag. "I hate this, you know," she admitted gazing up at him with her big brown eyes.

"I know," Sebastian answered, pulling her head closer into his chest and resting his chin on top of her silky hair. "On the bright side I bet your dad would approve- not funny, I know."

Episode 93: Better Days

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