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Episode 919: Look What You Made Me Do

“This is a nice surprise,” Phillip said. He took a seat once more behind his desk while his granddaughter sat in the chair opposite him, cross-legged.

The girl settled a plate of macaroons on her lap. She took a bite of a strawberry flavored one and chased it with a sip of tea.

“Good?” he asked.

She nodded.

“I’m glad, I’m not really set up for taking meetings with children.”

Phillip drank some coffee and his gaze momentarily drifted to his laptop. He had things to do, he hadn’t penciled in a meeting with Tansy, she’d simply shown up and he didn’t have time for the interruption. But, not having time for his own children had likely played some part in their unwillingness to let him have a say in their lives. He closed the laptop.

“What brings you by?” Phillip asked. “Just felt like visiting your grandfather?” It occurred to him that rarely did anyone come to see him without an agenda.

“I want an after school job here, please.”

So, Tansy did have an agenda, albeit an intriguing one. “Don’t you already volunteer several times a week with animals, and with the homeless, too?”

“I have time. I’m not doing the animal shelter anymore.”

“But you loved working with the animals.” When she’d spoken about it she’d been animated, enthusiastic, as unguarded as she’d ever been around him.

“My mom and my dad and everybody is already making a huge deal about it, do you have to pile on, too? Can’t anybody just accept that I’m tired of that and I want to do something else?”

“You want to work here? Yet you’ve never expressed an interest in the business before. It’s surprising.”

“I want to be a well-rounded person, is that a crime? And I want my parents off my back about my after school activities.”

As much as Phillip liked the idea of once again grooming a family member to follow in his footsteps, inherit his legacy, several things about this did not sit right. “I’m not your parents’ favorite person. Work for me and they’ll be more on your back than ever.”

Tansy shrugged. “It’s what I want to do.”

Phillip drummed his fingers on the desk, a habit he often indulged while working things out in his head. “You’d rather they were on your back about me than about whatever is going on at the animal shelter, am I right? This is less about wanting to be here and more about whatever is going on at the animal shelter, am I right? This is less about wanting to be here and more about using this job as a decoy or distraction, correct?”

Episode 920: Work

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