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Episode 916: Starving

Adria shook her head when the waiter again paused by her table to ask if there was anything else he might bring her. Adria supposed asking him to bring her mother was asking too much since asking her mother to show up of her own accord was obviously also too much.

She tapped her fingers on the table. Had her mother ever been there when she needed her? Is that how Miranda would feel time and again, forgotten, an afterthought? It had been a bad idea, she was swimming in bad ideas, a conversation with her mom… considering buying the theater. What had she been thinking?

She’d been waffling for weeks now and the deadline to buy it or see it sold to someone else, loomed. She supposed she’d been waiting for a moment like this, a sign to send her in the best direction.

Adria checked the time and her phone again. More than an hour late and not a word, not an I’m on my way, not I’m so sorry to let you down again. Adria pulled some cash from her wallet, leaving enough on the table to cover her drink as well as a tip.

This was the sign. She didn’t ever want her daughter feeling like this, left in the lurch. The only way to ensure that didn’t happen was by not entering into anything that would rip her focus away from her child.

Adria stood. She lowered her head for a moment to secure the sometimes wonky latch on her favorite purse. When she looked up, she was surprised to spy her mother striding towards her.

“Hi, honey,” her mom said. It was obvious she was putting on her smile. Her mind was probably still on work, still where she’d prefer to be. It was such a hardship to step away and have lunch with one of her kids even though she hardly ever spent time with any of them.

“Right, so then you won’t even be apologizing for being late.” Adria nodded and hitched her purse strap higher on her shoulder.

Her mom looked at the rose gold watch on her wrist, eyes widening. “I’m sorry, Addie. I honestly hadn’t realized I was running late.”

“Well, it’s okay, my problem is solved anyway. I don’t need to talk it through with you anymore. Your parents pull enough no-shows in your life and eventually you get used to figuring things out on your own.”

Adria stalked off out of the restaurant, angry, but content that she would never put her child through this.

“Addie.” Her mom followed her outside. Adria turned to face her. She turned to tell her it was okay, she was grown now, Katherine didn’t need to feign interest in being her mother anymore. But tears welled in her mother’s eyes.

“I really am sorry,” Katherine said. “I know how eager you were to speak with me and I don’t take that lightly. I just… I lost a patient this morning and I suppose I lost track of time after that. I didn’t mean to let down another person today, especially not you.”

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