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Episode 915: Part Of Your World

Sarette blinked back tears. She didn’t feel entitled to those tears. She certainly shouldn’t feel slighted. She had not raised this girl. Of course Avalon should not feel compelled to share this news with her.

“Congratulations,” Sarette said, dabbing at her eyes. When she saw the two young women exchange looks, she said, “allergies.” Then she added, “I’m surprised Calvin didn’t mention this to me. He- I hope you don’t mind he usually keeps me apprised of big things like that.”

“He doesn’t know yet. We eloped last year, it just seemed right, there was a lot going on. Anyway, we’re doing another ceremony and I just haven’t told him yet because I want all the details squared away and paid for so he doesn’t swoop in and try to pay for everything. I don’t want to be taken care of like that.”

Like Sarette had been taken care of her whole life, so stuck on that security that she’d chosen it over a life with Calvin and their daughter. She nodded in reply to what Ava had said as if she too understood that drive for independence.

“If you talk to him, would you please not tell,” Ava asked, her expression wary like she couldn’t trust Sarette.

“Yes, of course, I’ll keep quiet about it,” Sarette immediately answered. She was a swirl of emotions. Guilt, because Calvin had updated her on Ava and now she’d agreed to hold information back from him, but she supposed it was okay, Ava did intend to tell him, it wasn’t like he was being shut out of the wedding as Sarette likely would be. Sarette also experienced a certain amount of giddiness in for once being in the loop, sharing a secret with her daughter, even if they shared nothing else.

“What plans have you made so far?” Sarette asked. She longed to know more to know everything, though the moment she asked she feared she’d crossed a line.

“I’ve only just started,” Ava said. “Lila, who’s an expert planner suggested starting with a dress and building a theme around the design details. I’m a bit behind schedule, our bookstore is in even more of a lull than usual at this time of year, so I’ve fallen behind on the wedding with my nose to the grindstone with events and sales and things in an attempt to increase foot traffic.”

It was more information about her life than Avalon had ever really supplied before and Sarette found herself so carried away with the moment that she said, “it sounds like you have a lot on your plate, if you want any help with the wedding, I’d be more than happy to pitch in.”

Ava didn’t grimace exactly, though at the same time she appeared lost for words.

“Ava is very type A,” the other girl, Lila, said. “She barely lets me have input and I’m her planner. But, if you give me your info, as soon as she picks out invitations I’ll send you one and then you can see for yourself how it all turned out on the day.”

“Oh, I,” this time Sarette wrangled in her emotions. “Only if it’s okay with Avalon. It’s really up to her. I don’t want to spoil her day.”

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