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Episode 907: Live It Up

Riley returned to their cabin at the winter resort in a good mood, breakfast in one hand, wiggly Miranda held in his other arm. He’d just had the best time with his little girl playing in the snow. Maybe it wasn’t as romantic a New Year’s trip as he and Adria sometimes had in the past on their own, but he loved having nothing on his agenda for the next few days other than just spending quality time with his two favorite people.

With full arms and some difficulty, he managed to open the door.

“Donuts and muffins,” he announced to Adria as he set the food bag on the table by the door and his daughter on her feet.

“Sprinkles,” Miranda said, though not anywhere near as clearly as that.

“If only you’d been that decisive at the bakery, daddy wouldn’t have had to change our order a million times, that poor clerk just reached for one then another caught your eye, I’m pretty sure we ordered everything at least once.”

He laughed while removing his coat and boots. He figured his wife would laugh, too, but she seemed too consumed with something on her laptop. The troubled expression on her face worried him.

Miranda plopped gently down to her backside on the floor, just inside the doorway. She pulled futilely at her little pink boots not having yet mastered the art of removing them, but always determined to give it a whirl for awhile before voicing her frustration, so Riley figured he’d leave her to it for the moment and check in with his wife.

The world seemed to be an increasingly crazy place, and so he thought maybe Adria had read some disturbing news.

“What’s up?” He asked sitting on the bed beside her and giving her shoulder a squeeze.

“An email from Dustin.” She turned the screen slightly so he could get a better look at it.

He expected to feel angry, to see some sort of come on from the guy who didn’t seem to understand what married meant. But it wasn’t like that. Concerned that the past rumors about his conduct with Adria would resurface in the current climate and be blown up into a situation where anything connected to him would be shuttered, he didn’t want the theater hurt because of it and was offering to sell it to Adria, since she loved the place as much as he did.

“Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever read? I’m not even in the business anymore.”

“I don’t like that a guy who made a play for a married woman would now possibly look okay in that scenario by you agreeing to a business transaction with him,” Riley said, trusting that Adria had confided the full truth to him, that inappropriate and presumptuous hadn’t crossed her line of harassment, the guy had disrespected their marriage, yes, but as much as that felt like a crime it wasn’t quite one. “But just because he may benefit in public perception to some degree, it doesn’t mean we should immediately dismiss the idea. It kind of has a nice ring of justice, you in his position, living out his dream at that theater. Plus, he’s right, you do love that theater, there’s no better hands to put it in, we can find investors to go in on this with us and make it happen, and maybe you’ve taken some time off from the business, but can you honestly say your heart isn’t still in it? That a part of you isn’t excited by this opportunity? For once, just this once, maybe Dustin has finally done something good.”

Episode 908: The Entertainer

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