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Episode 900: What About Us

“Fair warning,” Bowie said as they approached the street vendor where Bowie had reluctantly agreed to meet Sebastian for a bite while they talked over the situation, yet again. “I’m telling Lila.”

“No you’re not. Don’t be stup-” Bas stopped mid-sentence as they reached the head of the line, and he transitioned to speaking with the vendor. “We’ll take two with everything.”

Hot dogs in hand, they walked in the opposite direction of the Christmas shopping crowds, no precise direction in mind, it wasn’t about walking somewhere, it was about the conversation along the way that needed to persuade Bowie to continue to do the right thing. Practically every other day he was convincing Bowie to do the right thing. It made Bas sweat every damn time, even in the crisp winter weather.

“I’m telling,” Bowie said again.

Bas worked hard to swallow the first bite of his hot dog as if he weren’t ruffled at all. Maybe, he thought, if Bowie saw he wasn’t ruffled he’d stop fretting and stop threatening to be honest.

“This isn’t an honesty is the best policy situation,” Sebastian said. “Lila will agree with me to keep quiet and then that’s three of us stuck with this secret and given that you keep having these attacks of conscience, you must get that it’s a burden to carry this. Don’t forget, Lila practically fell apart over her last secret. So maybe you should just concentrate on eating something instead.”

Bowie had confided to Bas that he hadn’t done much in the way of eating or sleeping lately.

“You’ll feel better if you take better care of yourself,” Bas advised. “Eat something and you’ll start thinking more rationally, you’ll realize the truth won’t do anyone any good.”

“The truth will be fine for you,” Bowie argued. “Ava won’t drop you just because he’s back.”

“I don’t know that, just like you don’t know that Jesse won’t drop you the minute rock star dad is an option, you – I’m sorry. I’m sorry. That was a horrible thing to put out there. I’m just… panicked.” Unmistakably ruffled. So much for that game plan.

Bowie nodded. “It’s not like I haven’t thought it. I mean, if Jess wants to get to know the guy and likes him and maybe find out they have things in common, they bond, and I’m left...” He shook his head. “This shouldn’t just be my decision. Lila and Jesse need to know the facts, they-”

“Jesse needs to know a guy who can teach him all kinds of life-destroying habits? Like how to be an addict? How to disappear when the going gets tough? Is that the influence you want on your kid? Or do you want to keep quiet, eat your damn hot dog and help me protect all of us from this guy screwing up our lives?”

Episode 901: More Than You Know

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